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DUNE by Christian Dior Perfume for Women Review

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  1. I bought this at Walgreen's for a great price. My husband thought it was too mature for me and it was pretty strong at first but after wearing it for a few hours, it smells a-ma-zing!

  2. Thanks so much! I love to spread smiles! I have not tried that yet

  3. Hi Mr. Mickers ! Love your reviews. Besides being informative and very detailed, it's always a pleasure to discover your vids as they always put a smile on my face ^^ Keep on the good work man ! Besides, have you ever tried Chanel 19 EDT ? It's quite unisex and so delish !

    You might enjoy it 😉

  4. @youngreview Thanks for the feedback man!

  5. @encrenoire75 lol thanks man. I try to be a direct moron half the times heh.

  6. @encrenoire75 lol its a female fragrance, of course its gonna be on the feminine side lol

  7. @MrDondon71 Thanks for the test! Good to be kept on on my toes, lol

  8. @1gdfjf Thank you! I actually just bought Amanda a buch of perfumes today! Had a big surprise for her at work today!

  9. @encrenoire75 Thank you for your excellent feedback!!!

  10. @Guinea54 Ok buddy, lol

  11. @mrbrianchia Note taken!

  12. @razscott Thanks man!

  13. ehhh, I find the men fragrances unisex enough. I don't want to venture on the other side! I leave that up to you and kereseen lol

  14. Nice 1 Dan,
    Very informative,
    Cheers mate.

  15. hey dan, can you do a review for dunhill desire for men. thanks!

  16. @MyMickers hi can you do dune pour homme?

  17. LOL your right Dan. Just testing you, and ya passed.

  18. @MrDondon71 Oh Don it is Hall and Oats! I should check out the mens version now. Thanks man!

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