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DOT by Marc Jacobs Unboxing and Review

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  1. girls be hating on this girl. . why all the dislikes lol

  2. This is actually funny lol, but I have this perfume and its one of my favorites

  3. Christine Valentine

    correction they are butterfly's the websites say!!!!!

  4. Ladybug

  5. I have the same feeling about the scents. perfumes have top note middle note and base notes. top is what you smell when you first spray it middle note is what you smell after the top note fades and the base notes are what you smell on your skin after three hours. I love sweet perfumes.

  6. I'm sorry but those are ladybugs all over the bottle not butterflys. Hence the black and red dots.

  7. Gabriela Cipactli García

    You are so cute!

  8. thank you! made the decision of purchasing this with a Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette!

  9. I love how your accent switches between English, Irish and American hahaa 

  10. you're so funny. esp, when u talk fast. haha

  11. nice glasses

  12. What did it cost ??

  13. one of your eyebrows randomly lifts sometimes when you talk

  14. I just got a sample of this perfume and it smells amazing. Gonna get the full size!

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