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Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. Scott Van Kerkhove

    Really nice fragrance I have a 5.1 ml 90% full id like to sell for $85 shipping included in the U.S. Email to F R A G R A N C E @ L S U T I G E R M A I L . C O M

  2. I really appreciate your opinions on fragrances, curious to know what part of the world you live in?

  3. I dont want 2 sound negative but this fragrance it just so over hype, the thing last and project for only 30 minutes.

  4. SwagScent Fragrances

    Check out The One Cologne by Dolce & Gabbana: http://goo.gl/EP9HLy
    Coupon Code CJD for 10% off at checkout.

  5. Excellent review, I love this fragrance and actually use the body wash, aftershave, and the deodorant when I plan to where this out in an attempt to gain projection . As far as a close quarters intimate scent, I can't think of one better.


  6. Good job bro :)

  7. Good review man, great fragrance IMO 

  8. Top Line Fragrances

    Great review as always and enjoyed the video :)

  9. Tremendously effortless and stylish video…just like the scent it features.

  10. this stuff resonates on me 8-12 hrs and compliments arrive in truck loads but i only wear it sporadically in my roation as many do own it and dont wanna smell like everyone else ..Amazing scent for a designer level

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