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Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana | Fragrance Review

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  1. I´ve tried D&G Intenso and i like it! I think is refreshing and elegant. My next purchase definetly.
    Good review Cody ;)

  2. I actually tried this twice and both times lasted on me 10 hours on my skin and a full day on my clothes. Very good quality. great video thanks!

  3. Hey Cody, thanks for the review. Do you think D&G Pour Homme made in UK version is still better than this one? There is huge price difference (Intenso is more pricey)
    And the made in UK version is really as bad as people talk about in the community? (smell quality/projection/longevity wise)

  4. I also was greatly disappointed with longevity and strength in this! There was nothing intense about and it did indeed feel very aqueous.

  5. Hey +dracdoc , which do you prefer, D&G pour homme or D&G Light Blue?

  6. "Sillage Train…i mean trail" as the train rumbles by. That train is gettin to ya huh Cody?

  7. I have yet to try it… I just have to stop at the D&G counter instead of running past it to Chanel! I really enjoyed your review.

  8. Hi Cody, I´m Matias from Argentina, I need your help!! I´m going to stay at Hilton Times Square hotel next July, I wanna buy some niche fragances from Frederic Malle, Tom Ford, Olfactive Studios, Le Labo, Creed, etc., Please, could you give me a list of some perfume stores where I can get these perfumes. Thank you so much man!!!!,

  9. Hey Cody you should do a review on le male terrible
    I wanna know what you think about the dry down :)

  10. Forgot Max Forti. Love his videos too.

  11. It's ironic that you put this video out today because I just put my nose on it after watching (Steve-Redolessence) video.  Very disappointed like you and I'll stick to the original. You, coach Rob 619, Steve, and Manlovescologne are my favorite reviewers. Great video as always. God Bless

  12. The Hay & Tobacco in this really makes it smell earthy…Like fresh dirt & grassy earth. I really like it, but i only plan to wear it in the evenings…& only if its about to rain, or after it rains.

  13. thanks for the review.. been curious about this one, but after this review.. Not that interested anymore!  thank you for saving me time tracking down a decant.

  14. Great review as always… Sampled this one once and didn't care for it…

  15. Any plans on doing the special versions of D&G Light Blue? (i.e. Swimming in Lipari, Living Stromboli)

  16. what do u like the most. bleu edp, adg profumo, intenso?

  17. venkatraman raguraman

    Not a bad smell. The only problem is that the original is so good, this is unnecessary.

  18. Excellent review of a very disappointing (my opinion) release.  As much as I love Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (I have all three versions: Italy, Germany and UK) I found this one to be an odd concoction and not as good as any of the aforementioned versions. It wasn't a bad fragrances, per se, just not Intenso and therefore a letdowno.

    I sampled this one several times (brought home a 4ml decant from Macy's) and didn't pickup on the Chergui association. To me, it reminded of taking a bottle of D&G Pour Homme and pouring it through a strainer filled with Post Raisin Bran cereal. The result was a wheaty, branny, graining byproduct with less-than-stellar performance. It's a perfect fragrance for the man who loves smelling like cereal and/or has slow bowels. (lol) Okay, I'm going to have to check-out this Chergui-lite thing now that you brought it up.

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