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DKNY Golden Delicious Fragrance Review + Locket Giveaway | Blair Fowler

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Pure DKNY Verbena Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz.

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  1. perrillodelmal76

    shut the fuck up!

  2. prestigejunkie1st

    the more i watch it, the harder gets my headache :( . s l o w   d o w n. please.
    i´ve gotta admit, the smell is fantastic ;).

  3. holy moly slow down the horsie

  4. Please slow down you jump off topic and speak too fast! It makes it very annoying to watch the video. I couldn´t watch the full video.

  5. that voice is fuckin terrible going right through me i couldnt even watch the full video

  6. she talks too fast lol.

  7. Charles MaterialBoy

    American accent

  8. i want the locket!!

  9. Um…musky?

  10. ke kazzo stà dicendo !!!????!!!!

  11. My mind is so confused right now what was that?!!! Oh my!

  12. williamjuniorgoh


  13. can you talk any god damn faster?! geez…..

  14. stop at 4:13 and look at blairs face lol

  15. Dear Mr.Xhibit123

    How rude of u!!!
    First of all, u dont even know this person and ur being rude. Second, u have no right to say that, ur wasting ur time. And third, Blair is the best thing I have ever experienced.

    So plz, keep ur mouth shut, and ur eyes open.

  16. With my eyes closed I would think I heard Holly Madison.

  17. Katerina Freelove

    I LOVE YOU! who even won this……?

  18. Was it musky you were looking for?

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