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DKNY “Be Delicious Rio” Fragrance Review

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  1. I´m from Brazil and love your reviews!!! A hug!!!

  2. Dear Tom, I need to thank you!! I have learned so much about perfumes with you and I have been watching your reviews for a long time!! Then the gifts and the encouraging words are my way to say how I am grateful for the knowledge you share with us and how I feel you have a brilliant future in perfumery.
    There was also other reasons for giving you this perfume especifically – first, I like to send you limited editions that I find here and that you probably won't find anywhere, and I am particularly anosmic to this fume. I spray it on me, I smell the fruity, fresh opening, a lot of benzoin and then I lose it totally. Yes, people around me smell it after 5/6 hours and of course I had even forgotten I was wearing it. Then, I was very curious to know your opinion about it and you did develop it wonderfully.
    One more question, do you think benzoin may cause olfative fatigue in this case?? Would that be the reason?? Do people smell this fume on you after more than 4 hours???
    Thank you. :)

  3. So good you put it up twice! lol! Much luv from Ga, Usa, Handsome.

  4. The video posted reviews the same perfume twice. =)

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