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DKNY Be Delicious Birthday!

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Pure DKNY Verbena Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz.

Product DescriptionPure DKNY Verbena Ea De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz. For important information, see About Seller.

List Price: $ 85.00 Price:


  1. what size perfume do you have?

  2. Omigosh I'm sooooo entering!! Thanks elle XD

  3. Your facial expression right after you sprayed it was so funny! haha 0:30 I ahave a limted edition bottle but its the same smell, which I love!

  4. MissEmoSceneQueen

    thats my perfume!! haha

  5. hey elle! i was wondering if you could make an updated perfume collection? (:

  6. Haha, it's pronounced "oh de twalette."

  7. I thought this was overused then out of style. I started wearing it again this week though after almost 3 years.


  9. make up tutorial please!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i own this perfume and im a guy ><

  11. i own this perfume and im a guy ><

  12. OMG I use DKNY Like forever

  13. OMG I use DKNY Like forever!!!!!!!

  14. i love that scent

  15. do you have to be 18?

  16. really?? not Canada! that's hurtful!

  17. Elle your gorgeous! = )

  18. Hi Elle, apple scented yea! Love it, love it! When I was younger, my friends and I pronounced eau de toilette as "Oh! the toilet" and then we cracked up. We were so silly! Love this perfume. It smells so good. xoxo :) Carla

  19. pumpkinsandspices

    So, I went out and bought this perfume last Friday because it had been awhile. But, wow. I forgot how good these perfumes smell! Om nom nom. (: I was, literally, ecstatic on Saturday when I wore it for the first time.

  20. Wow! Thanks for letting us know about this opportunity! Great review on the perfume!

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