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  1. Briyana “bri bri” Aristide

    i really want one i will make in soon and i love all your diys

  2. marissa del castillo

    I need that chanel logo

  3. Cristina Styles (cri)

    Love this Chanel pillow!!!!!

  4. whats the first song

  5. Can u give me the link of the chanel logo?

  6. Can someone please explain to me why her videos get thumbs down? They are literally cute tutorials I don't understand what's wrong with them?

  7. what is the song please ?

  8. Laura Gallardo Pinho

    Aprende hablar en ingles dios que horror

  9. This is a very helpful video for those who want to make pillows but don't own a sowing machine, Thanku luv!! They turned out gorgeous!

  10. Someone You've Met

    you are so easily my favorite YouTuber besides some others <3333

  11. Hazlo en español

  12. Well it's weird if I have chanel studs because my name is chanel an my dog is called coco so me and my dog are coco Chanel

  13. Hazlo en español

  14. Your pillows turned out really cute!!

  15. I love this it's amazing

  16. Omg so cute I love it! You should definitely do a diy emoji pillow 😍

  17. Going to make it !!! So cute

  18. I seriously wish I had your talent!!

  19. En español!!! En español!!!

  20. What mix's do you use foe youe music!! I want does songs

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