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Dita Von Teese’s Shopping Strategy

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  1. she is stunning!

  2. That's a dream !!!!! Oooooooooo …I'm having …

  3. When dita came out in that gold dress omg!! my mouth dropped she has an amazing body not to skinny not to big but a perfect shape!!! gosh I love her!!!

  4. Can someone please tell me what's the song in the beginning of the video?

  5. representing50plus

    Omg I use to work for Bonwit Teller way back in the day. 01:00

  6. Gorgeous pieces! Divine!!

  7. her sexcellency lol

  8. Oh my goodness. When that curtain opened and revealed her in that gold gown I was stunned. A real life Jessica Rabbit moment. Gorgeous!

  9. Dita – you makin me crazy!

  10. The woman with the blonde frosted hair who works in the store looks like a poor, slow-learner with bad self-esteem compared to Dita………but then again, most Amercian women do.

  11. Dita is so gorgeous that dress looks like it was made for her body.

  12. The shop assistants are such desperate wannabes….

  13. Where is this place?!?!

  14. I wish I was her cause she got to marry Marilyn Manson

  15. Angie Alberto (Marilyn)

    I looove the cotton lace gown. 

  16. Her shy form of confidence is so beautiful

  17. Did she buy the gold beaded  dress?

  18. Bring back tap pants to match bras!!!!!!

  19. In "Screaming Mimi". That's where I've seen Gypsy wear that dress.

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