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DITA VON TEESE! Reception, Dinner, OOTD, Hotel tour

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  1. Now, the "main stream" definitely takes YTers seriously.

  2. I dreamed once that I met Dita and she gave me presents…I'm glad someone else did it for me :)

  3. Where did you stay in Berlin? This hotel looks absolutly awesome!

  4. That is soo cool that you got to meet DITA VON TEESE. OMG Queen of Burlesque. YouTube has brought you a long way. I think you would be really good at being a make up artist to the stars. Have you ever thought of that? What type of schooling do you have or what were your careers of the past?

  5. CONGRATS! I'm so glad these opportunities are opening up for you. I feel like I've watched your life kinda bloom over the past year. You really inspire me. So much of life is unexpected and it comes just through working hard at things you love no matter how it seems to other people. At a time in my life where I'm having so many struggles, I need this. I need to see joy in life, if not my own. So happy for you. I'm inspired by everything you bring to us :)
    and I'm so sold on Dita's perfume!

  6. How many languages do you speak? Your pronunciation of the French words is amazing!

  7. you work so hard! you deserve this moment and many more!

  8. You've had a good year first new York now dita =D

  9. Congratulations Julia! You deserve it because you work so hard to make your videos! I appreciate you taking the time out to make your videos. ;>)

  10. QueBelleMaquillage

    JULIAAAAA……I like you better than Dita! lol

  11. LoVE It
    — Sent From MissChievous's AppRats (Facebook App)!

  12. Your French sounds perfect! How come?

  13. Congrats Julia :) you deserve it after all the hard work you put in to bring us your amazing video's

  14. Great job Julia! Congrats!

  15. Awesome video, Love your outfit and makeup. — Sent From MissChievous's AppRats (Facebook App)!

  16. JULIA – YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! Your body is sick! :)

  17. PresidentMercury

    @nosleepinheaven Yeah, the whole experience seems like it's degrading, they are whistling then demanding that she does something. But, that is the price of being famous I guess. After a while I would probably be yelling at the paparazzi, "Don't tell me what to do! You smile!"

  18. PresidentMercury

    @Cordi666 It's apparent someone is just jealous and hate filled. Let's review your comment, you call her a stalker then chastise her for not KNOWING what Dita wears all the time? Contradiction much? Yes, and who is to say that she only wears Louboutins all the time? I'm sure she wears regular pj's or anything else whenever she is able. You shouldn't complain about someone else personality when you are spewing hate. Hate begets hate; you are a shining example.

  19. Damn…she is very, very pretty…white skin and dark hair…nice and attractive combination..

  20. All the paparazzi yelling at her to smile and pose and stuff was so off-putting. They're very aggressive and it must be really uncomfortable to be on the other side of that.

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