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Dita Von Teese Perfume Review ~Jwlhyfer’s Gothic Bohemian Salon

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  1. Oh my goodness, your voice is so incredibly soothing. I have the rouge and it reminds me of a more amber-y version of Donna Karan's cashmere mist. Not bad, but not my favorite amber fragrance either. 

  2. I want to smell them all so badly! What store in San Francisco did you say sold them? :)

  3. Thank you for this review.  I was not a fan of her Erotique perfume at all.  I had to send it back to the retailer for an exchange to her debut scent, which I like much more.  

  4. Just Beautiful. Would love to try those..!!

  5. It all sounds exquisite Jwlhyfer! <3

  6. I wish I could have come visit the shop that day to see her new lingerie line as well as check out the perfume, but I've been preoccupied here in the N CA mountains, living hermit life lately.
    I saw pics~Dita and all of my fellow DG girls looked amazing, as always.
    Thank you for promoting DG, Jwylhyfer!
    Also, great reviews! Very thorough & descriptive. 

  7. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    Dita Von Teese Perfume Review; Dita Von Teese, Rouge, Fluer Teese and Erotique

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