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Dita Von Teese Perfume Launch @ Liberty London and Fragrance Review

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  1. Yeah I think she looks so much more stunning as well with dark hair and pale skin. I cant imagine her with blond her. would like to see her hair red as well, just to see. I love the petrol blue dress she has on in this. Its funny how Rachel evan wood suddenly went dark when she got with Marilyn Manson

  2. I got this perfume for Christmas and I just love it, it is so dita and its quite a strong scent so I don't have to drown myself in it like most others. This has to be my favorite perfume

  3. It's 10:56 long. Perhaps, your computer blipped and left half off. Try watching again : )

  4. Support4MySingers

    This just stopped at 4:26? Does the video go for any longer? I see the woman take the bottle out of the box, show it to the camera and it ends? Is there a second part?

  5. AFearlessAngel84

    It's called an "atomizer". Not sure if someone already answered you.

  6. I bought the perfume without knowing what it smelled like, I trusted that it would smell amazing, and I'm glad I went with my instincts. It won't disappoint you, just go for it lol

  7. The thing to pump the perfume is called an atomiser

  8. btw did she smell purely of her perfume or did she have any other lingering scent?

  9. I always tried to be tan and blond…then one day I went to a local book store on a rainy day and stumbled upon her book the Art of the Teese. There I was holding a book dedicated to showing the beauty of a women with black hair (now I know she is naturally blond but any who) and light skin,like me, the book was sealed but I bought it anyway not even really knowing what I was getting into. SInce then I have been obsessed with everything Dita! Thanx for posting this video it made my day!

  10. I can't wait to get my own, and I am so jelly you got to meet her and be there at the perfume debut with Dita!

  11. That is a very sexy bottle of perfume!!!!

  12. i bought that from Venice and it was made from Murano glass so that's why it's a bit of a big loss.

  13. the bottle looks perfect! the only problem i have with the bottle is the fact that it reminds me of one with the similar vaporizing contraption that i think i lost so it reminds of something slightly annoying :(

  14. I'm so envious you got to meet her not only once but twice! Every time she comes to the states she really never goes to Texas :( And your accent is adorable by the way :)

  15. I'm SO HAPPY you got to meet her! Wish I were there! She looks great, as always. Must get some of the perfume and handbag spritz! <3

  16. First off I love your accent! Second I'm glad you made this video! I want to buy the fragrance which is not yet available here in the US (from what I know) and hearing your review only reaffirmed my thoughts. Lastly, I am also a fellow Dita fan, I love that you got to give her the note and received a reply! I have to agree with another user about your piercing, I can see you have a darker edge but I feel that the piercing takes away from your face, more so your eyes! It is your face but I thoug

  17. You are very pretty, and I normally do not criticize people's piercings, because I some of my own, but the piercing in your nose seems so wrong and out of place. You have a lovely face, and it seems like you took away from that by getting that piercing, however it's your face, you should do whatever you want with it to be happy.

  18. I'm so jealous!! It's so amazing to meet her and talk to her in the first place but she responded on tweeter! That's crazy!! Ahhh she is like a goddess I would probably faint if I were you lol

  19. You could be Dita's little sister…which is a compliment, since I like her too! Thanks for havig shown us in details the fragrance & much more hun <3
    PS_I was the only 1 in my local mall's supermarket to cheer because I've found her Cointreu bottle! she also drinks with style it seems LOL xoxo

  20. it's called an ATOMISER :)

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