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DITA VON TEESE Interview with Julia Graf

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  1. macarena alejandra jaña diaz

    i love both of you, girls!!

  2. Mayte Hernández

    Gosh! I always thought that Julia had the most amazing fair skin, but looking Dita, Julia looks more “bronzed”. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING BOTH OF YOU.

  3. why is the interviewer's voice louder than the interviewee's?  So annoying.

  4. the woman next to her looks like a horse

  5. @lina lau
    Their seating is the same height. If you look at the thigh to knee, both of them are equal and parallel. Dits is not a tall woman… There is nothing wrong 

  6. She is so inspiring! She not only has a beauty out of this world, but she also has a great personality!

  7. It's very disrespectful to interview somebody and then let them sit on the lower seat. It shows humility when you let her sit on the higher seat. Other than that, good interview

  8. Omg i died when she said Bulgarian rose! 

  9. Image wise, she looks like a black haired Marylin Monroe but she's not that widely known or popular. 

  10. Oh what a beautie queen. Sorry but i find miss piggy more entertaining and funny: jump da fuck up and let your trousers down you pussy.

  11. she's so beautiful and wonderful!! <3

  12. I love dita but she needs to get her facts right if she's going to talk about them, Mae was married for a very long time. It was her hollywood persona that made her appear single for image. she was married for about 6 years

  13. Steven Tyler, it's only true. She looks like she's a moving painting, it's so much elegance and beauty that it looks unreal :P

  14. it looks like hot lights here hence the tan glow on her skin

  15. dita looks a little like elizabeth taylor here i'm surprised no one's picked up on that.

  16. Reow catty.

  17. Well Duh! Michelle Phan Is always like "Me Me Me" even when the subject is not about her.

  18. there is only 1 person who can wear such deep cleavage without looking trash !

  19. Caroline Kahuena

    I KNOW!! Its like unreal, right??? well, glamour IS about creation, as dita said, not natural beauty.

  20. EmprezzSweetJuicez

    MissChievous, you are an amazinglyyy outstanding interviewer!! wow!! your interview with Dita is the best I've seen so far! amazing job!

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