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Dita Von Teese 2piece Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion Set

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Dita Von Teese Sexy Drawstring bag

  • Drawcord closure. Wide, soft drawcord that's easy on your shoulders.
  • Capacity: 5 Litres
  • Dimensions: 29 x 41,5 cm
  • An independent graphic artist profits from every purchase from Shirt sidez.
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Individualize your style with our unique Drawstring Bag! Shirt sidez delivers the look you want for the price you deserve. All Drawstring Bags are made of superior polyester that's soft and easy to wash. Printed using high quality inks. This cool printed bag could be a perfect gift for anyone! Money back guarantee. An independent artist profits from every purchase from Shirt sidez.

Price: $ 12.99


  1. Its interviewers like this that make me really dislike watching Dita's interviews. whenever i see Dita being interviewed the interviewer is always loud, crass and constantly interrupts Dita, It seems logical to me if you have a guest on your show that your interviewing you listen to that guest rather ignore and talk over them.

  2. I apologize for jumping to the conclusion that you were referring to her integrity and not her product. One of the many problems with text based comments is that one sentence can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

  3. Beautylish has this line on sell for $30.00 and up if HSN has in fact sold out of it!

  4. Myybe you need to go and reread what she said. She did not mean Ms. Von Teese sold out but the product sold out! Wow! O_o

  5. How has she sold out? If you consider capitalizing on her self created image, and the career she built from the ground up, selling out, then sure. Dita has also been selling merchandise for years, do you actually know anything about this brilliant woman?

  6. ahhh love Dita <3

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