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Dior Homme Parfum by Christian Dior | Fragrance Review

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  1. This is an awesome flanker, it's dense, rich, and long lasting. Do you find this feminine at all? The powder is turned up big time compared to the masterpieces DHI And DH. 

  2. Great review… I own all of the Dior homme line and for me the parfum version is by far my absolute favourite… just class in a bottle… keep up the good work thanks.

  3. As usual, Great review. Question, considering both of the following are Leather based, which would you prefer, OFS Chambre Noire or DHP? 

  4. DHP is excellent and beats DH and DHI. its still very powdery with a smoky wood/leather elemet

  5. great review, Cody! I just got a little bit of this. :)

  6. Just got my bottle from scentedmonkey for 90.03. great price

  7. Hello, I currently own DHI (which I love) and was looking to pick up DH, until I came across this new Parfum version. What would you say would be the more distinct buy? I also have not smelled the original DH.

  8. I just got my bottle, had to order it from Spain.  Honestly i am a tad disappointed in the scent, i was expecting abit more masculine fragrance with the notes being woody powdery and floral.  I've had it on my arms now for 4 hours and all i get is "cleaner" scent, i don't get any wood and a very faint sweetness.  It doesn't smell bad, it just doesn't come out as a manly scent.  Definitely no chocolate.

    The opening was very potent, almost to the point of giving me the feeling of stepping into a car with Waay too much "wounderbaum".   The bottle itself both looks and feels like you could drop it on an Abrams tank and kill it – heavy stuff with pure quality – sprayer was amazing.

    I will still swear by Pure Malt as the best fragrance i have.

    For anyone who's considering buying this… its 100$ so i would strongly recommend testing it first, it might not be something you like at all .

  9. Cologniano D (Harley D)

    Update: Compliments galore, 3 since this morning! Fragrance still kicking with 4 sprays. Drydown is phenomenal!
    Iris remains throughout a bit sweeter….

  10. Cologniano D (Harley D)

    Seems to be more woody than leather. The leather at the top is subdued and so is the iris. This is an intense version of intense. Still a powdery fragrance, not as rough at the edges as expected.

  11. Cologniano D (Harley D)

    Just received mine from overseas. Paid $140.00. Today is my first full wearing. I applied it at 9:15am eastern, so I will let you know in about another hour….

  12. This fragrance is really hard to get, even when it's release last year.  I got an email from my store saying it was back in stock, called them up to order, and it was sold out…. in 6 hours.
    Pretty crazy considering it's rather costly at 140$.  I think this is going to be one of those epic fragrances, like Gucci Pour Homme I.

  13. Sergio Sergueevitch

    Yoo dracdoc.. Can you do a review on givenchy gentleman only intense? Much appreciated 

  14. I've been looking for DHI for awhile now and I can't get my hands on it. Do you know where I can get a legit bottle? 

  15. The incense note in this is the most intriguing part for me, my mind travels to a dim lit midnight mass. The incense note is however fleeting, but underneath it you have the reliable richness of Dior Homme Intense. Both versions are enough to feel clothed, and for winter I can't imagine a sexier fragrance.

  16. Do a jimmy choo man!

  17. Smells like DHI except the cocoa has been replaced with vanilla and leather. I love my cocoa, but who knows.

  18. Hahaha, I can't believe I found this one at a random parfumerie shop, and US people can't smell this in their country, one of the few things here in Argentina we have. The same goes to DHI 😛

    OK, now, this scent is muuuuuuch worse thand Dior Homme Intense, really. And only in 75ml and more expensive at the same time than DHI 100ML ???.

    Dior Homme Intense #1 

  19. Does anybody know where to get a sample of this in the US??

  20. Forgot ratings? 

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