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Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior fragrance / cologne review

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  1. went sniffing… ma nigga

  2. Scott Van Kerkhove

    I have 3.4 oz bottle that is 95% full for sale if anyone is interested $75 includes shipping in U.S…liked it but have others rated a little higher….email me F R A G R A N C E @ L S U T I G E R M A I L . C O M

  3. ‫שחף כהן‬‎

    is that perfume suitable for the age of 16? if not, what is the best perfume you reccomend for that age? ( every day perfume)

  4. On the hunt for my future list, i got too many date/club/night out/dress up colognes already lol.

  5. I have this cologne dior homme intense. I am willing to sell it for a very low price I have the box it's basically brand new 90% still full.

  6. Antonio Dragonheart

    That nose rubbing is so irritating…

  7. hickorydickoryduck

    got a sample, just like some reviewers on Basenotes and Fragrantica mention……….LIPSTICK or the bottom of a COSMETIC BAG~

  8. dhi is a pain in the ass to get. can't find it anywhere in my country

  9. Hi Doc….Dior Homme Intense Toilette or Parfum version??
    which one would you recommend ?
    Thanks !

  10. Heres something i've noticed this morning…The Great Value brand trash bags ( Black w/ drawstring) smell like the Iris note in this fragrance…lol

  11. I get the Cocoa, but the Iris isnt as strong as it is in Dior Homme & Dior Homme Eau.

    This is a beautiful fragrance & i get a ton of compliments. 

  12. Hey Cody. Great review. I know you get this all the time man, but where could I get Dior homme Intense from. I'm located near Atlanta, but over the net is def ok also. 

  13. Just bought 150ml for 899 SEK (109$)

  14. Angelique Denoir

    Incase there is someone that would love the vintage Silver Collar of dior homme intense
    You can email me

  15. where did you purchase dior homme intense from? I am having trouble finding it. 

  16. He's goofin' with his nose because it's so overworked checkin' out all those killer fragrances.

  17. This brother looks like morph a kids tv show from the 80's,good review!

  18. you got one itchy ass nose lol

  19. Tiago de Andrade

    I bought some of this stuff today. Really strong iris. I like it. But, unfortunally there is no many ocassions when i can pull this off here in Brazil. Its a really dark scent and the wheater here is generally hot. =(

    But im happy to have it in my collection. =)

  20. FraudulentZodiac

    Batch 4N02 – Stunning

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