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Difference between real and fake Acqua Di Gio-Giorgio Armani Cologne

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Introduced on the market in August 2008. Its bottle was designed by Giorgio Armani himself and it has a square-shaped bottle like a square-cut diamond. It contains gourmet-woody aromatic juicy with an unusual gourmet reversal in the top notes. The perfume opens with sparkling sweet aromas of bergamot with Guaiac vetiver cedar Szechuan pepper cocoa and ambroxan.

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  1. They are both fake…..unless the look has changed. bought mine from Giorgio Armani beauty website.

  2. gracias por el video bro. thanks for the video

  3. you got a cheap fake….with a good fake everything is the same

  4. This is old so don't know if you'll see it, but try amazon instead of ebay, all the ones shipped and sold by Amazon LLC have been real so far, at decent discount price.

  5. Shut up lol, I've never used ebay, but I started buying my Acqua off amazon a while back, have always received real product, at a 10-25% discount, and saves me a trip to the store. No reason to pay higher price if you dont have to.

  6. where are they made

  7. i think i just faked at a liquidation sale same type of bottle mine doesnt even spray just leaks smh

  8. you need to not only report him but go as far as to contact ebay and show them all the proof you have. its sad that their are so many of them on ebay not just this seller most of what is being sold on ebay is Fake and Ebay NEEDS TO PUT A STOP TO THIS!!!!! I have found some sellers that have the real thing far and few and most cases it was used but is 99% full

  9. I have been looking on ebay for a birthday gift but I had a feeling that they were fake!! thank you for this review you have really helped me out on what to look for.

  10. @John Doe man do not buy testers they don't last long. Not worth it ,just buy the real one with the box and a seal.

  11. Have you found any sellers on ebay that are cheaper than dept stores but do sell original products? Recommend?

  12. and also would it be on older boxes?

  13. where on the box and what are we looking for exactly?

  14. the only cologne i wear is gio and i never thought there was a fake haha

  15. Wait a minute! I just got one aqua di gio from eBay ! Ok the bottom of my bottle looks like the fake one! The serial number is not upside down but it matches the one on the box! Also there's lettering in the inside of the box! I had an aqua di gio that I got from Macy's but it was a few years ago, if I'm not mistaken the one I had looked clear this one looks like greenish ! WTF can some one help me! Oh also this guys said that the hole in the sprayer is off center on the real one ! Mine is off

  16. Its great to know this

  17. some sellers may also think its the real deal…..

  18. They both smell like shit, that's what the difference is.

  19. thanks for the review and all the information. i think i will just go to Dillard's and buy the real thing. Thanks

  20. I bought Gucci Gulity on ebay and since I saw the fragance at home I knew it was fake. I just saw your video and took the idea from you of contact the seller. In fact, the seller offered a refund without asking anything. he knew it was fake too…
    Thank you!

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