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Designer Fragrance Dupes!

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Michael Kors for Men Gift Set - 4.0 oz EDT Spray + 2.5 oz Aftershave Balm + 2.5 oz Body Wash

  • Gift Set - 4.0 oz EDT Spray + 2.5 oz Aftershave Balm + 2.5 oz Body Wash
  • This Gift Set is 100% original.
  • Michael Kors is recommended for daytime or casual use
A triumphant paradox, powerful yet discreet, sexy yet comfortable, familiar yet memorable. Michael cologne by Michael Kors, the master of understated elegance, reinvents classic patchouli, heightening its mystery with notes of suede, smoke, herbs, and spices. With a top note of zesty bergamot and exotic undertones, middle notes of rich pipe tobacco and incense, and bottom notes of dark sandalwood and dried fruits. Woodsy yet oriental, a deeply evocative cologne.

List Price: $ 74.33 Price: $ 69.89

Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold For Women - 3.4Oz Edp Spray

  • 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray
  • Michael Kors 24k Brilliant Gold By MICHAEL KORS
Michael Kors 24k Brilliant Gold Perfume by Michael Kors, This fragrance is was released in 2015 . It is an addition to the michael kors gold collection of perfumes. A fruity floral perfume that is as bright and vivacious as the name suggests. There is notes of mandarin orange at the top with a floral heart and a warm woodsy base.

List Price: $ 60.17 Price: $ 56.20


  1. Do you like Destiny by Marilyn Magnum

  2. some perfumes give me a pain in the head, so the better quality perfumes is what I use. also I use LOVE AND TOAST and those do not give me headaches and they are affordable for me.

  3. I LOOOVE Your vids & just recently became a convert after seeing ur video on the Vera Wang Princess/Violette noir dupe. I'm sad to say after ordering my bottle of VN, the next day it was taken off the website. :( I hope its not taken out of stores, granted the closest Forever 21 is about an hour away..it could be worth it. Otherwise another dupe I read about is Victoria's Secret Heavenly Kisses which is discontinued, but there is a generic brand by Preferred Fragrance sold at Big Lots or Family Dollar called Sweet Kissed. Preferred Fragrance makes some AMAZING dupes for between $3.00-$3.50. 

  4. Aww thank you ^_^

  5. your gorgeous

  6. LOL I wouldn't turn that job down 😉

  7. lmao! yes. I think you should be their brand manager lol.

  8. Haha that is funny!! It is the gay mans perfume lol But it works because it just smells awesome on him. The catch phrase for daisy should be "Daisy; it will smell much better on your gay friend, so go ahead and give it to him now gurrrrrl" lmaooo!!!.

  9. Damn…I hope they're not discontinuing them! I think they might be though cause I went the other day to Forever 21 and only saw the mini trio size…

  10. That's funny you say that cause my gay friend too bought it and he wears it and it smells amazing on him and sooo bad on me…maybe it was designed with men in mind? lol.

  11. Oh no that is annoying =x. It's too musky for me. It's definitely not my favorite lol.

  12. I went online to order the big bottles of the two and it doesn't say they even make big bottles:/

  13. it's funny that you say Daisy smells like a man trying to be a woman because i bought this scent last year and I hated it. My gay guy friend came over and put it on and it smelled insanely good on him. It didn't smell feminine at all..so i gave it to him lol. Daisy is his signature scent now and I just repurchased a bottle for him. It just did not work with my skin chemestry and yuck but on him it was just amazing….

  14. Oh my god! I HATE Daisy Perfume as well! there is this girl next to my locker that piles it on…and sprays her locker with it! Arrrgh so annoying!!!

  15. Dont you know any online shops? A special link? That would be incredible :)

  16. aww man =( i'm sorry about that.

  17. Haha I'm glad!

  18. Unfortunately I couldn't find a place or site to buy it (from Germany) :( Qué pena! =(

  19. Hi RominaDeluxe, you are correct- the Violette Noir one is the dupe for Vera Wang's Princess =)

  20. Just that I understand it right 😛 The Violette Noir Perfume is the Vera Wang Dupe? Or the Pink one? No, the violette noir, right? 😛 Thank you =)

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