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Demo & Review Lancome Nude Miracle 450N and 500W

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  1. Thank you for this! My 2 cents is that you are in the W(arm) family because that really made you glow even though it was a little too dark, so I agree a 470W would be perfect for you. I have RIDICULOUSLY oily skin, so a super-light foundation that dries powdery is a God-send for me. One last thing; I was taught to use a couple of drops on the back of my hand and lightly dip a synthetic it bristle brush directly into it and quickly buff it onto your face; they said not to use your fingers because you waste to much. Using too much makes it too powdery; I watched them buff no more than 4 drops on my entire face. I actually thought the finish looked really natural and gorgeous on you, even in flash. Anyway, thank you for this demo, very helpful.

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