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Deep Purple – Child In Time – 1970

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  1. aguante deeeep carajo

  2. great song and hot 1970 girls!

  3. seyirciler komik :)

  4. Екатерина Тужилина

    Легендарная группа!!! Из ныне существующих исполнителей нет ни одного достойного, впрочем как и настоящей живой музыки, а не компьютерной

  5. hummmmmmm merci!!!! grand!!!!!!!!!!! j aurai bien aimé créer cette musique!!!

  6. самый рас

  7. hall of Fame In our hearts!

  8. I agree Jim. They are amazing. Love this song! m/ <3

  9. Well done, such a great tune…. >;-/

  10. damn, homeboy has some lungs on him. he hit those notes dead on just like in the studio. no autotune, no nothing. just brilliant. he can sing. I love it. he has an amazing voice.

  11. 2:58 A young V.Putin decides the west must die.

  12. LEGEND – Deep Purple!….

  13. Ventura Freire Rodriguez

    tremendo temaz,en sus años

  14. I make myself laugh. I was about to say look at the audience but I did 2 months ago.

  15. Georges Jean Marie Burr

    Super, j'adore. je vibre avec eux et Kenzo

  16. The studious looking audience members, and especially the children, look like they don't know quite what to make of this ground-breaking powerhouse of a band.

  17. бомба!

  18. Thanks for the upload…lots of memories here…saw them in '72…pressed right up against the stage…Blackmore slinging sweat with every note from his guitar…met a girl at the show, and the party didn't end there…the play list must have been the best cuts from In Rock, Fireball and Machine Head…we were giants and that's just the way things were back then. Best played loud!

  19. Haha. That crowd looks like they're being forced to watch at gunpoint.

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