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Declaration by Cartier | Fragrance Review

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Cartier Baiser Vole Eau De Perfume Spray for Women, 3.3 Ounce

  • Baiser Vole for Women Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz / 100 Ml
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  • Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz / 100 Ml for Women
Baiser Vole fragrance for the delectable ladies was launched in 2011 by Cartier. Dominated by the citrus magic in its opening notes the tale of the enchantment begins. It is a sophisticated saga of green notes in the heart lively but graceful. The highpoint is the white floral magic of the lily at the base that keeps lingering in your memory and teases your admirer's senses. The creator Mathilde Laurent imparted the floral elegance green versatility and citrus freshness to strike the perfect cho

List Price: $ 148.00 Price: $ 49.96


  1. I Coby, I was wondering if you could do a review of Cartier Eau De Cartier I heard that one of the best from Cartier. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for reviewing this, Cody! I've seen this described as being similar to L'Humaniste so I tested it and concur with that assessment. It doesn't have the sparkling top of L'Humaniste (which doesn't last very long anyway) but on my skin the dry down is very similar. Enough so that I swapped the Frapin out and bought a $30 100ml tester of Declaration. On a side note, I catch whiffs of Terre d'hermes in here as well probably due to the ISO -e super.


  3. Voyage is the reigned version of declaration…..you might want to check the essence version of Declaration.

  4. I have something to declare, but it's not this fragrance.

  5. IMO L'Humaniste > Voyage d'Hermes but where is Declaration by Cartier. I love bold juniper in L'Humaniste. Pls comparision L'Humaniste and Declaration if have similar vibe.

  6. I love declaration,and where I live you can get it for 35$-40$.
    And it lasts and projects on my skin.

  7. Interesting comparison to Voyage d'Hermes. I would have guessed a softer version of Terre d'Hermes. Good review Doc! 

  8. I have a 200ml bottle of this and I pay $75 on ebay.

  9. Cody what do you think about Pasha by Cartier. I was wondering because no one has reviewed it and I wanted your take on it.

  10. I love this one, it's a poor man's Bigarade Concentree. Cumin and citrus…it just works, don't know why, but it's awesome!!!

  11. I love this one, it's a poor man's Bigarade Concentree. Cumin and citrus…it just works, don't know why, but it's awesome!!!

  12. This is a great fragrance, but it can offend people that can get a arm pit kind of smell, that probably come from the cardamom. Voyage d'Hermes does have cardamom as well, but in that case it so well blend and the result is astonishing.

  13. Light herbaceous.  The sour note you get could be from the caraway, which can be a tenacious and difficult note to wear, especially when combined with other culinary herbs and woods.  The cardamom, coriander, and tea notes are prominent, and shared by Bvlgari Green Tea.   Excels in hot weather when you're sweating. Unisex, but I like it better on men.

  14. Btw I love violets and masculine florals do u have any recommendations? 

  15. Codty! You are the best I watch all your videos all day on any day off I have. Are u a capricorn? I am, chandler burr is, who isnt

  16. Thanks for reviewing this one. I have a sample of Declaration and some of it's flankers in my collection awaiting a wearing and review. I've even seen comparisons to L'Humaniste. I also enjoy Voyage, so this certainly seems worth testing out.

  17. great review Cody, I love declaration awesome fragrance! 

  18. strange iso e super is not listed in the notes, 'cause that's all the frag contains, like most of ellena's creations. :)))

  19. Perfect description. And ladies love this stuff. My girlfriend bought this for me and her command was simple 'Make sure you smell like this whenever I see you ' :)

  20. Nice review as always dude, I had this but was not keen so i sold it on, but I can see why some people like this and why its popular, not a bad frag just not for me :)

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