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December Shopping Haul (Part 3 of 3!)

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  1. PATCH! how many times are you going to pee in this video!!! lmfao i love watching you keerstin

  2. You have a beautiful voice. :)
    Sooo…I want to hear about Colour Pop collabs…what didn't you want to say? Hmmmm?

  3. Girl you have a gorrrgeeeoousss voice!

  4. I looked up the description of the Omnia Coral because you made it sound so good. You really picked it up, you have a great nose. 😉 they describe Bergamot and spicy notes!

  5. So glad you found the Alchemy nail polish. It's amazeballs.  I wished I'd bought a back up. I discovered that Nest rollerball set during Black Friday (but $12 here in Canada) and my new favourite scent is the Dahlia & Vines… will be getting that in full size!  And lmao, LOVE your descriptions of scents!

  6. Such a great haul. Happy New Year!

  7. lmfao. Throwing shade at the "Frida" colorpop lipstick by chance? Hate that YTer… ;)

  8. Melissa Erickson

    Yay!!!!!    A goodbye song!!!!!   This makes me very happy!!  You have a beautiful singing voice and it is what initially drew me to your channel.  Of course, I was then hooked by your great videos!   I LOVE when you sing so much….  please do it more!!!  Doesn't matter what you sing….. just sing!!!   Happy holidays!!!!!   Melissa   XO

  9. We really need to go go shopping together, I either have or want everything you purchased in this haul! haha
    I tried a sample of that guerlain foundation and fell in love so I am so jealous you purchased it! With that price tag, I definitely applaud you for using the coupon. I didnt get a nice coupon like that though and I reached VIB Rouge a few months ago! You are a lucky girl!!! Love ya! 

  10. Belkis Castaneda

    Im so glad that someone is being totally honest about the color pop lippies. If i have to pay $5 plus shipping I'd rather just go to the store. That's just me. Thanks for the great hauls ♡♡♡

  11. Merry Christmas Kirstin. Wish I could buy all the brands you mention. But I look at your video's for you. 

  12. Awwwe despite my other comment I'm so happy for you :) Love being in love! You deserve to be loved, cherished and happy always. Merry Christmas!!!!

  13. eating cereal 11:30 something in….queue peanut butter toast crunch EVERYWHERE! You SUCCCCCK B WORD! ::::wiping random pieces out of nose, off face …..EVERYWHERE::: f u in the b hole from Santa and all his merry elves this is DISGUSTING clean up! Why u so funny? Why?

  14. "It's a lot of f words. Like f me in the b-hole!" Absolutely killed me.

  15. Amanda Alexander

    I'm okay with ColourPop and having less product because I'll probably never use an entire lipstick or eyeshadow in my life so it makes me feel better to only spend $5, ha. 

  16. Michelle Cammack

    I looooooved your goodbye song! 

  17. I love watching your hauls, it helps relieve my own haul guilt, lol.  

  18. I'm really looking forward to seeing your review on the colourpop stuff – I really value your opinion, because you tell it like it is, and I want to know if it's worth it.

    FYI, Colourpop lippistix based on the the ounces you provided come out at $142.05 per ounce, and MAC comes out at  $160 per ounce. So you're not wrong, they're pretty close.

  19. Have you seen "As Good As It Gets?"  Jack Nicholson, Greg Kinnear, Helen Hunt, Cuba Gooding Jr.
    (In my Top 10 films of all time.)
    The sign reminds me Jack's playing the piano and singing that song to the doggie … in his hysterically funny "as only Jack can do it" sarcastic manner that makes me laugh like nothing else.

    perhaps it's a questionable thing (mental health-wise lol) that I can relate to him as well as I can, Woody Allen and Albert Brooks, too, but there it is.

  20. Color pop  Thank you Thank you Thank you I had the same thought when I looked into them NOT SO CHEEP  when you do the math same thing with the eye shadow

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