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December Favorites!

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  1. U are more beautiful, You should be a movy star and u remind me of Serena Gossip girl

  2. you are so cute and beautiful! love all of your videos

  3. Alexandra Polidora

    Just a suggestion (not 2 b mean) something to make u look tanner around Christmas is to do a hot "pop" pink instead or a dark pink because I am tan and red lipsticks make me look paler

  4. hippiesugarlover

    i love sleepy time tea too!

  5. Hey ladies, if you're looking for videos to watch..go ahead and check out mine! You won't regret it :) like this comment so more beautiful people could see. Love you all<3

  6. very pretty room I love christmas!!!!! 😀

  7. what body mist do you feel reminds you of christmas at walmart?

  8. Tiff Prendergast

    luv your lipstick

  9. please do a lifestyle favourites

  10. i love u and ur room soooooo much

  11. I love your makeup in this video—your eyes look particularly flawless–I also think that you are able to carry off dark and/or bright lipsticks very well, and I hope that you'll be wearing more dark lip colors this fall and winter…Yes, I know this is an old video, but I am doing "catch-up" on my day off:)

  12. i have cottton candy revlon lip butter xx

  13. SusieMersingsMakeup

    I was just wondering, but do you wear makeup everyday? like somtimes I wonder if makeup guru's wear it everyday?

  14. Hansika Vijayaraghavan

    I just watched your haul video from a few years ago when you first get the Fresh Moroccan lipstick and talk about spice it up :)

  15. I adore that camera! I'm majoring in photography :)

  16. Kissing elixir is sold on beauty.com it's $9.50

  17. no her face looks EXACTLY like alice from twilight. but her hair looks just like rosalie's 😀

  18. Don't you mean Rosalie?!?!

  19. where did you buy your kissing elixirs???

  20. The Korres lip butters don't give any color? There's a clear one but the rest of them certainly do…

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