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Davidoff Cool Water review!

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  1. OK now we need the Aspen by Coty vs Cool Water vid..

  2. The guy on the right looked Asian at the start lol.

  3. I've used both and how u2 figure they are in anyway similar, I question this site in a big way. I have other serious concerns about ur reviews also.

  4. I have heard that Aspen is very similar to both Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed.  Do you guys agree?

  5. I have to try this one.  I love the GIT and my friend always says it smells like Cool Water:(  I'll always have the GIT around though.  Great Vid!  I miss JeRRRRR!

  6. Wait, how do you wear cool water? You mentioned it in your shootout right? So curious man. Never really had a decent fragrance before and since this impressed you so much I want to try it. Oh, and it would be nice if you give me suggestions for fragrances in college since I am going to college. Love your reviews guys.

  7. how much the original davidoff cookwater for female?

  8. Btw, I have original and a FAKE bottle of cool water. Smells almost the same. Thing is, it is made by Russian cosmetics company (pretty popular here), and actually has a different name (blue water) and a little different bottle design (more rounded). But of course I can say what it tries to represent: cool water. And I have to say, even though it is even cheaper ( like 12 dollars lol), the actual smell is very close to original, almost identical.

  9. Wer auf der Suche nach einem deutschen Review ist, kann gerne mal bei mir vorbeischauen :)


    LG Mr. Scent

  10. What's the batch number on your cool water ? I heard the 09 reformulation is beautiful .

  11. great vid I smelled it the other day for the first time i love it picking me up a bottle to hell with g.i.t cant afford it right now anywayz lolz

  12. i smelled davidoff hot h20 the other day it was surprisingly pleasant! 

  13. You guys are cool lol

  14. yeah, you wait long enough you can bring back halston z-14 you friggin pioneers.

  15. hahah.. ger great guy

  16. Maybe you should do some sort of placebo test with GIT and Cool Water, maybe trying to convince someone that GIT (which is actually CW) is the 'better' smelling one or the one that is much more expensive. Sometimes to me it seems like fragrance fanatics let the label go to their heads. Im just saying that it might add some perspective.

  17. hi there! Cool Water is a great fresh scent for the money! Definitely worth it. :)

  18. Hi! Excellent reviewers. I'm 24 and I'm thinking of buying a fresh fragrance but I have several options: Lacoste Essential Sport, Light Blue and Versace pour homme. Is Cool Water at the same level as far as fresh scents go? Which one would you recommend? Regards from Chile!

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