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Davidoff Cool Water Fragrance Review!

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  1. I have always enjoyed cool water so much so I just bought a bottle. I see CW as a very casual scent, which as you stated its ULTRA versatile. Fresh, clean, dewy was a great description. So affordable, smells nearly identical to GIT, 95% or so to my nose so I honestly can not justify GIT when CW is 8X the price.

  2. Aspen by Coty is another that is compared to both of these ..One reviewer said it smells like both of them combined..

  3. Last all day. The ladies love it too :)

  4. I like cool water personally. I thought your opinion was very fair and realistic. I do feel there is alot of snobbishness when it comes to fragrances. A perception that you have to buy expensive. Mmm some expensive fragrances are out of this world yet I find some completely ghastly. The same with the more affordable fragrances as well. I love a good old traditional Turkish limon cologne, great after a shave, but to others it is akin to putting flash lemon liquid (household cleaner) on your face. Lol.
    I agree that we all percieve aromas and taste differently, and after all this is what makes the world a much more interesting place. I would never personally wish to be rude about another persons taste. I'm happy to graciously accept the difference. 

  5. got two bottles of this and getting a little bored, im thinking of JPG Le Male Or Paco Rabanne 1 Million next

  6. Nice amps!

  7. Cool Water has the DNA of the cheapest and most embarrassing perfumes I have ever smelled. I would feel very embarrassed wearing it because people would hate me for sharing this smell with them. This is a fragrance that gives fragrance a bad name. Can we call Cool Water something else? It shocks me to hear or read people complimenting Cool Water. I'm amazed that a person can actually enjoy it. I don't mean to ridicule other people's taste. To each his own. Nothing wrong with liking it. But to me, it's an impossibility. It's a scent I wish I had never tried. And regarding the comparison with GTI, it doesn't add up. I never tried GTI, but how can a more natural, high quality and expensive fragrance be compared to a stink bomb? I respect this youtuber's honest opinion and other dear frag-heads who like Cool Water, but the only youtuber that makes sense to me on this subject is MyMickers.

  8. It smells to me very herbal. I don't like it. It has that cheap discount store 90's vibe & the female version smells EVEN WORSE. I got it for Christmas & I'm planning on trading or selling it to a friend so I can get aqua di gio. I just can't stand it.

  9. Jim, greetings from NY. I'm going to pull the trigger on my first expensive cologne, should I go with Creed Aventus or Bond no.9 New Haarlem? Thanks

  10. I see a guitar and a piano in your backround. Do you play both instruments? Really great reviews Sir take care

  11. Cool dude!

  12. Cool dude!

  13. Jim, is there any reason to put your nose to any scent for 15-30 minutes? A first whiff of Cool Water will feel like a punch in the face. Wait a half hour and it smooths out nicely and is much different than the fragrence you notice off the top.

    I also would just give a light spritz on each wrist from about a foot away otherwise it can be a bit sharp.

  14. Dude you are the best..great job..

  15. aqwotik

  16. hands down THE BEST review and honest comparison between GIT and Cool Water. To my nose, GIT is only slightly better…it doesn't merit the 100 dollar difference.

  17. Tom Ford it is then….

  18. Jim, I want to buy my first "niche" cologne, which one should I buy? creed or Tom Ford?

  19. I love throwing this on after a really hot shower when i'm hung over.

  20. Thanks for the comment! I haven't tried Cool Water: The Game as yet, however I don't hear nearly as many good things about it as I do the original. I'll check it out! :)

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