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Beckham Signature by Beckham for Men EDT Spray 2.5 Ounce

  • Design House: David Beckham Fragrance Notes: Watermelon, Patchouli, Juniper berry, Cypress, White amber, Moss, Mandarin Year Introduced: 2008 Recommended Use: casual
EDT SPRAY 2.5 OZ Design House: Beckham Year Introduced: 2008 Fragrance Notes: Candy Apple Patchouli Musk Vanilla Heliotrope Anise Flower Amber Orchid

List Price: $ 62.00 Price: $ 11.94


  1. Signature is an excellent gym scent.

  2. Hey among all the different scents you have showed which one is your most favourite?

  3. Just a heads up bro, don't let the fragrance community catch you rubbing in the cologne with your wrist or forearms ! They will discredit you and give you hell !!! Trust me . Watch  FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 page here on youtube !  Hes awesome and knows the game . Got me to stop wrist grinding :) !!!

  4. Instinct does smell alot like Masculine but alot cheaper and better longevity IMO . Intimately is also my favorite , its just so good , spicy,musky,a little sweet . Ladies love it :) Homme is very good woodsy and a little spicy . Also guys watch out because some versions of David Beckham are watered down now a days , I just bought a new bottle of Intimately at TJmax and it wasnt as strong as my original bottle thats about 4 years old . Just watch the color if its lighter then what you remember its prolly not as strong . Still good but just a heads up . Also the Mad Cologner is back , sorry for the past few months I had an bad accident at work and my hand got all messed up and I had to have surgery . But I have over 50 new scents I'm going to be reviewing soon and getting some new videos up . Thank you guys for your support , your the best :)

  5. I love the Homme…So do all the girls at work.Its definitely manly, but is still versatile, and can be casual or formal.

  6. Instinct is very good but Intimately Beckham is the one to get.

  7. silverss onyoutube

    the david beckham instinct smells alot like D&G MASCULINE . does anyone else agree ?

  8. Thanks for the support bro :)

  9. Great video keep it up, I love the David Beckham Instinct. Keep making videos 😀

  10. Thats a good suggestion , I will have to pick that one up . I own some of the Guess scents and they are all very nice so I'm sure I will enjoy that one aswell :)

  11. I would suggest doing Guess Seductive Homme Blue. This is a good underrated fragrance that nobody talks about.

  12. I completely agree . Thank you for your support I appreciate it :) . Any suggestions on my next kind of cologne review I should do ?

  13. I have david beckham homme and it smells great. Smells similar to blvgari man but is cheaper. Good review, ive been waiting for more reviews on this fragrance.

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