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David Beckham Homme Review with FragBoyStew

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  1. Nice review! Happy to see you two on the same vid.


    This was fun! the video quality is fantastic too. I have 2 DB fragrances and enjoy the signature the most. I might pick this one up for my sweetie.

  3. Great review Rio!

  4. Cheepy but Goody… You know I love that. Brilliant review! And by the way I love that grey and purple argyle sweeter. Super chic! The more you talk about this one, damn it now I got to try it. I will keep my eye out for it. Nice addition with Stewie at the end with his take on David Beckham Homme. Bravo Men!

  5. AGentlemansJourney

    Its nice to see you guys meeting up and working today :)

  6. Bro, this juice is just a great down to earth fragrance and so so inexpensive. Thanks so much to bringing it to light

  7. Nice to see the community coming together. Great take guys.

  8. Thanks for introducing me to this one buddy…it's definitely a nice spicy fragrance!

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