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David Beckham Homme by David & Victoria Beckham | Fragrance Review

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  1. I don't know why but I thought of Keanu Reeves when I first smelled this scent. Clean shaven Keanu.

  2. I sprayed 3 sprays on my wrist and 20 minutes later it died out lol

  3. Doc,love your reviews
    Can you do a review of Jimmy Choo man fragrance?thanx

  4. I found poor performance when I wear DVB Signature as well.

  5. It's interesting how the deospray for this smells a really long time and it's especially good in club scenarios. It may be a little over though because you can't wear any frag unless it's the same! ?

  6. Interlude Man… my goodness! I am curious to smell it. But I know what you mean by poor longevity. I had a David Beckham that disappeared in no time flat. I gave it away. Great review Cody! 

  7. Hello, my name is James and I'm rather new to the fragrance game. I have a question about the colognes I wear, I received l'eau d'issey as a gift and recently bought perry ellis 360 red. My question is if when wearing these fragrances would I perceive them differently than those around me? I ask because in your videos your videos you say the longevity is quite good, but I don't seem to smell them as long as I feel I should. my concern is that i am not spraying enough or that i might spray too much becuase  I can't smell it. any and all advice is appreciated. thank you for the great videos by the way.

  8. TheSweetSensation

    Intimately by David & Victoria Beckham was my signature scent in high school. Loved that juice! Reminds me of a more amber-y version of D & G's The One, which is also a fave. Not crazy on celeb scents overall, but their line actually seems to be decent-smelling. Projection is another story. 2-4 hours at best.

  9. cool thanks for the review.

  10. Im try it out! good review

  11. This one is my favorite from Beckham.

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