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David Beckham fragrance review.

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  1. what size on oz?

  2. nice hair dude (no homo)

  3. Patrick Youngblood

    @henrysinaga thanks!

  4. OMG I love your v-neck t-shirt patrick!!!

  5. Patrick Youngblood

    @kdrmradio Cool! Glad you like!

  6. I bought this as a blind buy based on your review of Intimately Beckham. Thank you Patrick!!

  7. Patrick Youngblood

    @ninjaracoon Lol! Good to know. I had pretty good luck with it's longevity but everyone has a different experience.

  8. Patrick Youngblood

    The first one Intimately for me.

  9. what one is better Intimately beckham or Intimately beckham night???

  10. Patrick Youngblood


  11. Patrick Youngblood

    Intimately is the longer lasting scent and the sexier scent. I would buy that one first then Signature. Even though Instinct was the first one I think it was the weakest one.

  12. I use the intense instinct and love it! Good review.

  13. Patrick Youngblood

    Intimately did pretty good on me. You should have tried his first one Instinct. It was gone in about 5 minutes. I have seen Signature at Macy*s and I like it. Love the purple color and the silver name plate on the bottle.

  14. Good staying power???
    Sorry Pat, it disappears within 15 mins of apply. The new Beckham signature has already made its way at Macy's.

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