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David Beckham Bodywear Underwear for H&M Commercial

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David Beckham Intimately Yours Mens Edt 50ml Spray (1.7 fl.oz)

  • David Beckham Intimately Yours Mens Edt 50ml Spray (1.7 fl.oz)
Taking inspiration from the natural sophistication and powerful masculinity of David Beckham, Intimately Yours For Him is an elegant and sexy Oriental Citrus Aromatic. The fragrance opens with vibrant blood orange, fresh lemon zest and crisp green leaves. An aromatic heart of crushed sage, cooling lavender and frozen basil reveals a virile and masculine signature. Finally, creamy notes of sandalwood, deep vetiver and warm tonka beans create a modern and seductive finish.

Price: $ 20.00


  1. dat asscheek

  2. My Mom is crazy for him, it's kind of nasty since shes like 70.

  3. Wow……….

  4. Loved it anyone know the song?

  5. This could also be a Range Rover commercial.

  6. directed by guy ritchie!!!

  7. wachito

  8. Does every Gay man think he is hot ??? can't believe the article about him in Gay.com and that he was picked on as a teenager. He is very cool. Glad Great Britain has marriage equality.

  9. 😍😍

  10. AngelinaThe Ballerina

    I'm not I guy but I want those boxers

  11. Those are some hot filled H&M drawers!

  12. damn.

  13. AaronRodgersFan121

    David is sexy as hell! <3

  14. How on earth does a person get to be that good-looking?

  15. I fucking LOVE….the house with the pool. Gorgeous. Oh, nice ass too.

  16. If it were Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence running/swimming through the neighborhood half-naked the comments would be rife with cries of objectification.
    Just saying.


  18. Damn! When he's pushing through the shrubs and the branches tear his shirt off…damn!

  19. Foster the people don't stop

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