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CUSTOM DUNHILL ~ Un-boxing and First Impressions

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  1. Thanks for the nice review. I've just watched a bad review of this but now I've seen your good one I'm confused! It certainly looks nice and I like the notes too. I think I'll visit the Dunhill store in London today and have a spray at least! 

  2. Hi Mr. Smith. I live in the very small islands called Micronesia. I love the dunhill cologne very much. A few years ago, I bought this cologne in a store in Guam and I just love it. And I am trying to find where I can buy it but no where here on our small islands. Do you know how I can get/buy one these days? thank you.

  3. Kagisho Montjane

    this juice to me smells like the discontinued Gucci Pour Homme. A must have indeed.

  4. Exploration Olfactive

    Yes I get 5-7 hours, but after aroud 3,5 h, it is realy close to my skin and a body scent after 5 h . But hey! Ré-spray and get prepered for an other blast of apples !

  5. Exploration Olfactive

    Hi Mr. Smith! Thanks for all your well done reviews. I wear this scent since 2 days and I like it a lot ! I get around 5-7 hours ( inside my appartement most of the day) It´s winter time in montreal, it´s cold !!! Gonna make a review soon . Refine and delicate… As you appear to us! 

  6. Not sure how I found your channel, but am so glad I did!  You seem like a really interesting and knowledgeable person.  My name is Kate, and I look forward to seeing all of your precious and future videos.  Just marvelous!!  Hoping to learn more about fragrances…expanding my mind and nose!!  Thanks much!

  7. Lanier Smith introduced me to Dunhill and I find the house constantly "growing" on me.  I cant say Im a total fanboy of the house like I am Dior but its climbing the respect ladder.

    I went to their website and couldn't figure out how to get a custom engraved cap not that it would matter a lot because I buy fragrances for scent rather than bottle collecting but it would be a nice touch.

    I think someday I will own this but its driving me nuts to use up only 2-3 bottles a month and buy 5-7.  And it seems like the "bigger" my collection gets the fewer the bottles are that I drain and finish.

    Im not sure why but the S.F. Opera is one of only 2-3 in America that I haven't visited or heard but that I want to in the future.

    For some odd reason, I would like to visit SF someday and all the fine people there and I would like to see Alcatraz and the SF Opera.  Id like to see the Monterey Bay Aquarium someday as well.

    Oh the things in life we look forward to in the future.  This is why Dunhill Custom is a premium fragrance.  Some People might buy Creeds but maybe for the same price as a bottle I might could buy a ticket to SF and see an Opera and wear the bottle of Dunhill Custom that I bought instead.  I might even say hi to Lanier Smith or Sebastian if I ever get there.

    Have a great day everyone.

  8. Cool video, I must check this fragrance out. The shots of San Francisco are awesome. We live in a great city!!

  9. Sounds really good. You have my attention and you can't beat the price. Great info, thank you. Always great vids :)

  10. Nice review and a cool ending. You don't see too many Dunhill fragrances in the UK. I'd like to try more. The only one I know is Edition.

  11. Those notes sound simple and yummy, I like the idea of the apple mixed with warm woody notes.  Congrats on a lucky blind buy, and what a deal!  Please update how you like it with more wearing.

  12. Very interesting combo on notes, and the back ground info was very nice…as always a pleasure to watch your reviews! 

  13. Nice FI dude. Sadly on me all this fragrance is is a nice top note, lasts about 1hr on me and its gone, the apple note in this is nice though  :)

  14. So interesting, the history is wonderful. Aaah dunhill- cigarettes? That logo is so familiar. How cool that they monogram it! Great review x Oooh I love the clip at the end, wowzers!

  15. My favorite Dunhill is Dunhill Edition, its incredible.

  16. Very nice, I always had a special place for Dunhill fragrances since I own quite a few of them and I'm buying another one at perfumania right now. It was also great to see the opera rehearsal as well :-) how did you manage to see that and do you get to War Memorial often?

  17. Excellent review Lanier.  I hope to to try this out one day! Which of the dunhill's that you've reviewed do you like the best?  Also, is Dunhill for Men 1934 the same thing as Alfred Dunhill Dunhill Edition? Or are they two different things?

  18. My dear friend, Great review as always. I like your way to describe fragrances.

  19. This scent has always interested me… At the price you can find it online it does appear to be an easy blind buy… HOWEVER how is the longevity??? People always seem to say this smells great BUT it is garbage for longevity… While I know this was just a first impression I was wondering what is your early opinion on that aspect of the fragrance??? Awesome video as always…

  20. I must say this fragrance has an unusual mix of notes, but it's inexpensive and I loved your review, Lanier, so I just placed an order.  Even if I don't like it…heck, for $20 I can always use it freshen the air in my Jeep. (LOL)  I love good-quality cheapies.

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