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Custom by Dunhill (2011) fragrance review

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  1. You pretty much nailed my sentiments regarding Dunhill Custom. I picked this one up last summer after researching it (love a good/inexpensive tobacco fragrance) and reading some positive reviews.

    This is sort of an oddball fragrance on me. On one hand, I really like how the incense and pepper mingle to give Dunhill Customer a touch of spicy-character – and I also really like the bottle; well-done for the price. But on the other hand the apples notes is a bit strange, for lack of a better term, on my nose; it just strikes me as being a bit odd.  

    It's not bad…however, it sits pretty close to my skin (too close) and doesn't last but 3-4 hours. I'll try it again in the fall, but I am taking a "Meh" point-of-view right now. Did I mention how much I like the bottle?

    On a side note, do you know where can I get my mitts on a bottle of Strellson No 1? It's impossible to find here in the states. I was hoping to visit Deutchland (Berln or Munich) this year and, while there, pickup this fragrance along with Brueckner Aoud 1…however, my trip is not going to happen this year. Thanks.

  2. Oh dear, one for the back of the wardrobe! I heard someone say if you want something with similar notes but longer lasting go for Baldessarini Ambre.

  3. Oh Chris how disappointing! I was not expecting much from Dunhill Custom and in fact I found it quite nice. But there you have it. Each nose is different. your review  made me go and take another look at this one. It isn't a masterpiece by any means but I still find it very pleasing.

  4. YourCaptainSpeaks

    I also own this and I find it synthetic. I expected it to be similar to Michael Kors For Men. Disappointing overall, but I'm holding on to it for now.

  5. Oh man , so sad? I had Dunhill Edition from 84 and really loved it . Desire red when it first came out was a massive complement getter but it's watered down these days and even more synthetic. I recently gifted 51.3 N to a friend and for the price it's it's ok , performs well. Cheers mate. 

  6. Top Line Fragrances

    Spot on pal, nice on first spray but it goes downhill from there on, then a hour after I have put it on its gone, shame as this blend of notes would be nice if it was made well but its not :(

  7. Scent “Chris Georg” Land

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