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Current Favorite Perfumes!

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  1. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    I love love a creating a perfume cloud, when you walk past me you must smell me! Yaaas!

  2. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    Yep good energy in this video I am subbing!

  3. its TAAJ not Taaje hahahaah
    it's name is derived from one of the 7 wonders of d world Taj Mahal which is in India.

  4. Lancome la vie est belle 

  5. Lol u can't beat that with a stick ha

  6. Random Rainbow Stuff

    I knew u were a mac girl just looking at your lipstick. It's velvet teddy right? Anyway we have very similar taste in smells.
    I mentioned mac because of viva la juicy-viva glam

  7. Nitra I would luv luv luv to see an updated perfume collection. Fingers crossed :-)

  8. carameldelice8317

    girl you look like CHRISTINA MILLIAN

  9. One of my all time favorites lately is D&G 3 L'IMPERATRICE . I deff recommend you try it ,I'm in love with it :) btw your gorgeous xo

  10. Sherzodbek Omadillayev

    Thank you for making video, and I'll recommend you ladies & gentlemen to try FM Group fragrances be cause it's worldwide & everybody loves it, just watch on youtube or google it if you have this FM group in your country, go there & they let U try all the perfumes for free vs pleasure, coz I understand what's a perfume itself & how it's made. U can use my FM id: 36001651 whenever u contact to them! thank you! And never underestimate it! Drom international produces all of ur & my FM perfumes!!!

  11. dalida cotton candy

    Guerlain l instant magic, u will love it , I promise u will adore it!

  12. can i just take take the time out to say damnnnnn your makeup is AMAZING!!!! just subscribe!!

  13. Please, please, please can you do a perfume collection video?

  14. I have a feeling that we have the exact same perfume preference. I have the Taj sunset, all the fantasy perfumes and Hearts and daggers!! So I'll give you my recommendations: I LOVE Escada's 'Rockin Rio' and Ralph by Ralph Lauren (blue bottle)

  15. Some of my favorites are Viva La Juicy,Victoria Secret Gorgeous,Katy Perry Purr, Twilight Immortal.Coach love, coach floral the purple one.

  16. Hello your hair look really nice. I was wondering what you have installed or what wig it is?

  17. Haha I have like 3 of those and I only like one of them ;D

  18. That Mariah Carey perfume isn't called butterfly, it's called luscious pink . I have viva la juicy & I hate it lol, it doesn't smell fruity at all it smells rubbery ugh lol. Your gorgeous & I loooove your accent! <3

  19. I will have to try those 😉

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