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Current Favorite PERFUMES ♥

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  1. Fashion Practice

    I ordered perfumes from fragancenet three weeks ago and never receive my package. They even gave me a tracking number. I got a refund. I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe was bad luck.

  2. mmm Flowerbomb.  Best juice ever.  I have never had a negative experience buying Flowerbomb, and I will probably own a bottle for the rest of my life.  It's that good.  Nice collection!

  3. Eva M (ohheyitseva30)

    if you want to see if they are actually real, you can go to macys, sephora, nordstrom ect.. and they can tell you if its real ;)

  4. I am a guy and I just can't stop smelling The one Desire. It has a sourness that I can only compare to a puppy that has a sour smell that I love. I have to put its head to my nose and sniff sniff! 
    So girls…please put this on.

  5. I love perfumes as well. i buy all my perfumes from Perfumes Los Angeles, checkout their accounts. their pretty new to social media but they have a huge collection of colognes and perfumes. I recommend them to anyone.  
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  6. I just placed an order for Flowerbomb and Im scared bec of the negative reviews I have read about the company. Im contemplating whether to file a dispute to get my money back. I would hate it if they send a fake perfume. Could it be that they sent you a good authentic one bec you're a beauty blogger and they know that the whole world will hear your review. Has anyone ordered recently whose not a beauty blogger?

  7. I adore flowerbomb. I have not been able to buy myself a full bottle yet, but I get samples all the time! Everyone should try it.

  8. SassySandyification

    Just subscribed. Love your makup in this video. Ordered a sample of the Flower Bomb. I'm sure I'll love it. 

  9. I love and own Flowerbomb AND Dolce and Gabbana's The One Desire. I love Narciso – Narciso Rodriguez. It is white and lovely.

  10. Marion Abigail Gaffud

    What website can i order for the perfume?

  11. I love the flowerbomb perfume by Victor!!!! I just bought it 2-3 weeks ago!! The scent smells so good i cant stand it!! That my number 1 perfume!! I love flowerbomb!!!

  12. Random Rainbow Stuff

    People say that see by cloe is good for work all year round. Some say it's good for fall and winter. But you say that it's a beach scent. Also is that an artificial or real/natural tan? It looks yellowish

  13. HaruHaru Kim Hana

    Thanks to you. I just bought Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb n Manifesto at sephora. I really really really love it.

  14. desire is really good so is dolces the one

  15. bath and body works cherry blossom tree

  16. Hi pretty I want to buy some perfum what is your shopping code thanks take care

  17. you're so pretty

  18. Where is Chanel No. 5? the ultimate sexy classic?

  19. 1 John 2:15-17

    Do Not Love the World

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    17 And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever."

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