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CUBA BLUE cologne/fragrance review

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  1. cuba black, cuba gold and cuba brasil the best of cuba. rest shit

  2. I spent $10 for the Cuba Classic gift box (gold/orange/red/blue all 1.17oz).  Of them blue is certainly the worse.  I am sort of off on orange just because it reminds me of someone else.  Blue I was really surprised when I first sprayed it because it was excruciatingly strong in the worse way.  I have been trying to place the opening, its like a really bitter weed that had grown in my yard, but I don't remember exactly which one it was.  Anyway, after dry down its not terrible, though it lasts all of an hour for me.

  3. I wore on me this morning and after 1 hour I didn't smell anything, the smell it's gone. I'm gonna use for my car air freshener .

  4. Totally agreed It's the worst among all the Cuba fragrances, all the other ones have got decent smell

  5. I personally think it does smell like CK one, I personally like it. But everyone us different thanks for reviewing it!

  6. this reminds me to CK one but stronger…not that bad I enjoyed it…

  7. wow i wish i would 've seen this before blind buyin this 5 minutes ago – people told me it rly smells like azzaro chrome and its just like 10 bux (shipping included) for the 100 ml so it was just a no brainer to me… but 10 bux ofc is some money, which i dont like wastin on some sh*t, too. whatever it aint the world tho, hopefully my nose is gettin something different than yours outta there. btw. nice background music – fitts ur feedback perfectly,gimme sum drama pls:D 😉

  8. Kirill Arzhanikov

    Never tried the green one

  9. Great review brother.I own the original Cuba in the metallic cigar case.Not a bad fragrance,but Cuba Gold is better in my opinion.Haven't smelled all the Cubas yet.

  10. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @ProdByFoPBeatzz It's alright.

  11. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @ProdByFoPBeatzz I have reviews on 4 cuba frags. Red was the best. Gold was the close 2nd IMO

  12. cuba orange is ok also

  13. cube gold is the best 1 .. shouldve listen to you this cuba blue is shit juice

  14. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @nimmy0785 Thanks for watching=)

  15. Kirill Arzhanikov

    @haborym26 Thank you for your opinion and thanks for watching.

  16. i am not fan of fresh aquatic fragrances except Azzaro chrome.i really love its synthetic cold-soapy unhuman feeling…and cuba blue is very ,very close to chrome,but maybe little bit sweeter. and much more cheaper.thanx for great review of course.

  17. @Wiizy23 No real need to be around this one my dude.

  18. cancer ruuunnnnnn lol great review bro

  19. @razscott You will be the best smelling man in all of England=)

  20. WOW!! I am getting this baby!!
    This could be my new signature scent after Secretions!!
    Cracking review sir!!

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