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Creed Original Santal review

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  1. After one wearing, I am slightly disappointed. My nose views it as a toned down Joop. It is a nice frag, but I just received a 20% coupon code, and could have gotten Aventus, for $50 more. OS is still a welcome addition to my collection, though.

  2. i really hope you will like it :) let me know

  3. Original Santal is on its way to me. A blind buy, based partly on your great review. Thank you!

  4. I'll have to sniff the current Joop. I agree with you though that no two fragrances smell alike even if very similar.

  5. will try to get a sample

  6. 1 spray is all you need with joop 😀

  7. unfortunately, i havent tried it :(

  8. Have you tried "Mont Blanc Individual" ? I have heard it is very similar. Thank You for the video.

  9. It seems like there's a creed reviewing wave throughout my subscriber list :) Great review.

  10. Hi can you help me im trying to get a split of Jardin D'Amalfi. Nice review!

  11. Que linda mujer!

  12. Great review. This is my favorite of the Creeds that I own.

  13. Atmosphereification

    Tried Joop! Homme, but that is so damn strong and overpowering, you can choke people out with it if over applied… LOL. Don't really think it reminds me of OS…

  14. Atmosphereification

    Great review. You should try "Mont Blanc Individuel" if you want a real good 'clone' of OS. OS smells more natural, but Individuel is a really good clone of OS imo. I own both and people who know I where OS sometimes replace it for when I'm wearing Individuel. If you can, try to get it or maybe a sample and do a comparison video. :-)

  15. Yet another refreshing review Nat :D, this is def. one I have to sample out soon hmmmm my vote in the next review is for Coney Island!

  16. Nice review. I vote for Jardin d'Amalfi.

  17. im sure its widely available in greece 😉

  18. time to build up our spring rotations!

  19. i wouldnt say so! i can easily imagine it on almost anyone.

  20. Nicely done!

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