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Creed Millesime Imperial Bottle vs Sample cologne/fragrance Review/Comparison

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  1. true cuz i spray on my clothes and it last forever

  2. Daniel Trentacosta

    Did he appreciate you throwing his box lol….jk

  3. What else is new!!! Brandon running down fragrances cause their over $200. Stick to Polo Black and Polo Blue dude…….

  4. Mi, to me, is just a watered-down Unforgiveable.

  5. bro you are so right!!! it smells amazing for the first 2 or 3 hours after that its gone like poof if i spen 200 plus on calonge i expect it to last but i do love the creed aventus

  6. fragrancenet with coupon, got it for $115. definitely worth that

  7. Thanks for the tip on longevity with putting the fragrance on your clothes. Still, it's sort of irritating.

  8. I get the same thing with some Creeds. It's irritating. The prices vs the projection reaalllly sucks! I love Millesime Imperial and Aventus and think there are a lot of issues with poor projection.

  9. I just got this for 85 USD 4 OZ at my local perfume shop

  10. You spray Creed…you know the difference period .

  11. great review bro… i recently purchased this in the "gold plated" tester bottle..similar issues with longevity, love the scent though

  12. I just got 3 creed samples, MI, VIW, and Aventus. MI is just okay, and to me, smells like a lighter version of Unforgivable. So I personally think it's stupid for me to spend $200 or more for something that smells exactly like a fragrance I can buy at walmart for $30. VIW is the same way. Although I like the smell better than MI, Set Sail St. Barts by Tommy Bahama smells very similar, minus the coconut, and is only $20. The only one that I thought was even remotely interesting was Aventus.

  13. A few suggestions for you: 1-if you haven't already, try the vetiver. 2-it sounds as if you review a lot of fragrances, go to a gourmet coffee shop and make the investment on a couple pounds of beans, keep em in a glass jar and get a whiff between fragrances, it will completely reset your ole factory senses. 3-not a suggestion, but the reason the sample lasts longer is you are not vaporizing it with the plunger of the bottle. It's more concentrated and more oily therefore longer lasting

  14. I personally have 3 full 4fl oz bottles of the creed millesime line. Green Irish tweed was the first one I purchased so it will probably always be my favorite, the next two I purchased yesterday. Imperial of course, and my close runner up, original vetiver. I have a total of $160 invested in the 3. They're not stolen, knockoffs, or testers, I'm fortunate enough to know people that work on the docks and when a crate falls, if one bottle is damaged, the whole crate is scrapped.

  15. Preston Rodriguez

    All creed fragrances smell incredible…probably the reason why so many designers try to make knock offs.. example. GIT. cool water, aspen, and a hand full of others. they set the bar and to be honest their quality is way beyond the synthetic. if you cant afford it dont buy it. bottom line. Creed is made for those who have an appreciation for the finer things.

  16. 2 years later I'm watching this video of yours, and you have 95 thumbs up with 9 thumbs down. LMFAO my life is awesome. If you ever want to borrow another Creed hit me up :)

  17. sotirios Chortogiannos

    soo true

  18. I'm disappointed that he never did a Aventus Video. Maybe he liked it, and was afraid to say so.

  19. sotirios Chortogiannos

    When people guess your fragrance its 1) cause they like it. 2) cause they want to get to know you. Does not mean that they are right or on a side by side its the same or even similar… as you say in your review " it does smell golden it does smell great" it also lasts long, but only on clothes… as if you shed your skin that fast. To watchers: own it and you'll fall in love its clearly there.

  20. sotirios Chortogiannos

    unforgivable does not compare to IM. Imperial is what it is, you can distinguish the notes it has a real dry down with an opening and couer and a base. try it out the truth is there. Its obvious you hate that this fragrance is a luxury expensive fragrance. You clearly say women loved it and people could smell it from far. Then assume its from your clothes not your skin… What you walked around your mom naked??? Continued above.

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