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Creed Aventus “STREET SCENTS” The Series Fragrance/Cologne/Perfume

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  1. This I easily my favourite sent of app time, Green Irish Tweed would be my number 2.

  2. I have a tiny decant of Aventus and a sample of Millesime and I have to say they just don't work for my nose. Either one makes me imagine that a Roman senator would wear these. I appreciate the complexity of their notes and the originality but I won't wear them. I'm more into citruses and gourmands.

    I wonder if there's a Creed cologne I will like? Any recommendations?

  3. Real Talk… Everything Al said about Creed's Aventus is spot on. Today, a female co-worker, who works on the opposite side of our office, came into my cubicle to smell me. She asked me if I just sprayed on some cologne — By the way, this happened approximately 7-hours after I applied Aventus before coming to work this morning. The sillage of Creed's Aventus is truly amazing!!!

  4. I really miss the smokier version of this.

  5. Good review nice looking girl

  6. Hey what's up Al , love street scents !!! I am a new collector and i am very interested in creeds aventis , looking to split with someone . Could you direct me to a safe way of getting the real thing ????? Thanks alot , i hope to hear from you soon … Blightfoot

  7. 1:34  First whiff and her pussy gets wet instantaneously, quivers, and even let's out a "wooooooh"….

    This is the only answer you need to why you should get this cologne….Enough Said..

  8. Manuel Estrada Arévalo

    Aventus Creed fantastic fragance, one of the best

  9. So this cologne initially smells citrusy, and unimpressive… give it 20 mins and the scent changes…and becomes the ultimate high class fragrance… my favourite smell.

  10. Billy Toilembocker

    I wore this yesterday for the first time. I only used a total of 1 spray. I sprayed it on my wrist, then rubbed my wrists together and then rubbed my wrists into my neck. I could not smell a thing after about 1 hour. 

    I passed by co worker and she called me back over and said let me smell you. She thought it was amazing and wanted to eat it off me! lol And this was about 5 hours after I applied it. 

  11. I smelled this on a woman today and I followed her around the store hypnotized before finally stopping to ask her what is was. Then I stumbled upon it in one of those perfumania stores and tried some on. The top scent is very manly and you wouldn't think it was for a woman AT ALL. But it dries down into a beautiful scent that a woman can wear. In Oct/Nov Bath & Body Shop had a limited edition fragrance called Incense & Smoked Berries. It smells EXACTLY like this. To the tee. It's fruity and very smoky. If you touch your nose directly to your skin, you'll still get the manly cologne scent, but the way it smells in the air and away from your body is definitely unisex. Don't be surprised if random people follow you around trying to take it in. I'm going to purchase this tomorrow from Neiman Marcus as they seem to be the only department store I can find it in.

  12. Al i wanted to know whether my creed is real or fake…what is the lasting of a fake creed aventus ?

  13. this is bull sh*t reviewer she was supposed to comment but the fuc*ker just speak and speak the whole time. waste of TIME!

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