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Creed Aventus review! MASCULINITY!

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  1. I'm going to wear Aventus to my interview with the police chief

  2. Hey Daver, you guys are my favorite reviewers on Youtube. (I miss Jer btw) I've watched this review a dozen times and finally bought a bottle. Today for the very first time, I wore it out of the house. My first stop was a coffee shop. Not half an hour later, one of the baristas came over to me and asked me what cologne I was wearing. All three workers (two girls and a guy) had been discussing how good I smelled and one finally came over to ask. AVENTUS!!!!!

  3. Hi guys. I totally agree with things you've said and totally disagree with end results . For some reason it reminds me off something my dad wore and I don't know why. To the smell its self . I don't get pineapple and my wife finds it strong and slightly disgusting . I agree with an awfull lot off your reviews but this nooo way 

  4. The Aventus bottle I had was BEYOND BEAST MOOOOODE! Longevity: I sprayed on my wrist, it got chilly so i threw a fleece on. Some transferred to the sleeve cuff apparently. About 10 days later i wore the same fleece, and Aventus was projecting in the air like crazy! Compliments/Projection: People literally walking past and stopping in their tracks to ask "who smells so good?!" Happened twice. Aventus is a MONSTER

  5. 4 sprays? ok relax. 2 tops…you guys keep saying 4 hours of projection? dude the fragrance stays while ur nose gets used to it…other people can smell it but you can't after a while

  6. Aventus is success in Latin I have the ko1 and will be gating xo2 but in London today all I can find is a lot of lo1 22/5/2015 

  7. I have had several different batches of Aventus. I can say that most of the time it smells great, but the batch that smells like a campfire was horrible. Its kind of scary to pull the trigger and buy a bottle because I would hate to get a batch of the campfire.

  8. Enjoyed the review, just noticed the Alabama hoodie.. roll tide! You guys near Alabama?

  9. i smelled a sample of this for the first time yesterday,
    the weird thing is, this fragrance did remind me of my dad too.
    strange, but its awesome smell:)

  10. Daver and jer are like the Stockton and Malone of the fragrance game lol. Awesome reviews. I watch them all the time for the great info and laughs. I just noticed that u guys both say "that's right" all the time haha. Good stuff!

  11. Works great as a clubbing fragrance. Many compliments. Lots of chicks wanted to dance w/ me. I was using aventus with black shoes, black pants, black blazer and a white shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned. Try out that formula for yourselves and see what happens.

  12. why is this fragrance so expensive?

  13. I think Creed Aventus should be sprayed on your clothes as well as skin. This type of application works well for me.

  14. by they way Bro's. If you want to try the 2013 batch, I'd be happy to send a sample, just send a container. Let me know if you want. NOt the xo1, different juice but good!

  15. Neimans is always good for me… free!! If you are serious then they will let you try anything as they should!! stuff must be on you don't do the card!

  16. I have had several 4 oz bottles and broke down and ordered the 17 oz flacon,,,, 2013 is not my fave. But I love it. Been trying all the other stuff you nuts have spoke highly about. Needs at least 3 or more sprays as will project. Im not too worried about rationing so I use plenty so it lasts well. I think I like the M imperial better but a great frag!! Will always have it,but I have tons of stuff lol

  17. where is a good place to buy a sample of this?

  18. This is a great scent. Great for the night life..excellent review..

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