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Creed Aventus Cologne/Fragrance Review (2010)

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  1. Nongyao Duangthong

    I can spot at some poin sorry to say that but it seem like you got not original bottle

  2. Hey bruh. Review is whack for real for real. Similar to allure homme sport? Bruh for real? Nigga you should stick to sneaker reviews on some real shit cuz your nose is whack bruh. A nigga ain't got a clue bout dis game 

  3. Some wing guy on the top hahahha epic (Napoleon) 

  4. This is MAN through and through 

  5. nice review.. i got the xo2 patch for sale, it new 4oz if any1 interested let me know


  6. you need to change your smoke alarm battery

  7. Not all bottles that match to a serial number is legit too many knockoffs creed everywhere 

  8. I think the closest fragrance to Creed is Liz Claiborne Curve. I had several people say to me if i was wearing Curve.

  9. This bottle of Cologne should have a red flashing light on it for the price their asking. People with too much money & not enough sense buy Creed.

  10. You can get 12 of them for $30

  11. You can't

  12. Team Janice Dickinson

    EBay has Creed Aventus samples . Just got mine yesterday ordered mine I mean paid 21 plus tax but comes with 4 sample viles . Cannot wait to test out this cologne

  13. Where is the safest place to buy an authentic tester?

  14. from where ?

  15. I bought the Creed Aventus Fragrance two days ago.
    It's one of the best Fragrance I've ever bought. The price is very high, but u can be sure, that not many other will have it. :)

    10/10 Points.

  16. very good review, check out the creeds we have for sell look at the video

  17. Skip to 0:49

  18. i hear fragrencenet is bad for buying creed colognes because they're bottles are old and stale. Is this true? and where is the best place to buy a fresh bottle of creed?

  19. Just got my hands on a split, brilliant stuff

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