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Crave by Calvin Klein Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. I'm 51 years old and I love this fragrance. I couldn't explain how I felt about the reason why until you said it makes you approachable. That's it you get it. great job. Be blessed

  2. Haha. Same here! The guy sitting on the couch watching TV. lol It's good stuff. =)

  3. Bear Santillanes

    I had this as a kid! I don't even remember the smell, i just remember the dude on the ads! I wish I still had it so I could appreciate all that you previously said. So this is a must have in everyone's line up..

  4. I know what you mean. The variations in fresh aquatics sometimes don't stand out to the average nose. I think it's the birchwood in this fragrance that makes it stand out. Thanks for watching!

  5. Great review man. I personally think Crave is one of the better ones from their mens lineup. I am glad you can distinguish Crave from others because some of the people who have complimented me often get Versace Pour Homme and Crave confused with each other.

  6. I have to agree with you on that. While wood-dominant fragrances last a long time on my skin, I get fair longevity from citrus-based fragrances to say the least. This one is certainly unique in that it has its own nuances and idiosyncrasies that allow it to stand out from others in its genre. I can distinguish Crave from similarly-smelling contenders in a heartbeat. I very much love this fragrance! Thanks for watching!!

  7. Body Chemistry plays a different role on people- This fragrance lasts a bit longer on my skin. Meanwhile, Although I enjoy Both Aqua di Gio and Crave Calvin Klein, I disagree with your comment on the fragrance being a "Watered Down" version of Aqua. On another note, I do prefer individuality in fragrances, versus smelling like the mass crowd of people wearing Aqua Di Gio in a dance club and this fragrance does a great job of differentiating me from the others.

  8. I'm sure you'll come across it eventually. I still see Pink Sugar for women in department stores, but I've yet to come across this one in stores. I bought mine on fragrancenet.

  9. Haha… what are the odds. Bargain bins are the place to find this one!

  10. MOODY BOO REVIEWS - fubar1963

    I'll look on ebay, thanks again!

  11. Thanks for the kind words! It really is a shame, but it looks like there's a surplus of this stuff online, so I'm not too worried. Thanks again!

  12. MOODY BOO REVIEWS - fubar1963

    Thanks Redolessence! I want to try this one too! I'm bummed it's DC'd! Great vid!

  13. Thanks a bunch man. I've only been reviewing for a couple of months but I've been wearing fragrances since I was 10. haha. Thanks for watching!

  14. Man, I cant beleive I have never heard of this especially coming from the house of Calvin klein , this was out when I was in high school as well , man great review it sounds like youve been doing it for awhile

  15. Haha… yeah man, this one's a classic. I've never met anyone else who's owned this fragrance until now! Nice to be able to share some experiences with it! Really fresh, classic scent.

  16. theLupeXperience

    Wow! This brings back such memories, I used to have this in my collection like a decade ago! It was also my signature scent hhaha Now it all makes sense why yur so cool! Great review, I remember the sprayer sucked though – its been a while but that sticks out in my mind! & great hair [no homo tho lol]

  17. It really is a hidden gem and I'm upset this one hasn't gotten too much attention. Don't pay any more than $30 for the 2.5 oz bottle. Thanks for watching man!

  18. Never heard of this one! Must try it sometimes

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