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Cool Water by Davidoff fragrance / cologne review

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  1. Mikhaill Mowayne

    +dracdoc  as an aquatic fragrance is Nautica Voyage better? 

  2. Aspen as well.

  3. Classic scent! Still use and always get compliments on it. Part of my arsenal when it comes to cologne's;-P

  4. This was my first fragrance ever.I got into the fragrance game really early. My sister used to work for lancome so she would always get me fragrances and give me advice. Got this one in 7th grade :) I was also the only person in my high school that wore platinum egoiste,or even knew what it was. When other's were rockin tommy and polo sport I was getting chanel dropshipped to my door, expensive but worth it…. sooo many compliments back then haha. Great review!

  5. What is with all the black comments?,cut it out and watch the review,its actually a very good one.

  6. I really enjoyed your video. Very assertive and natural. Big compliments to you, your english is very good. I like the fact that u don't use slang or ghetto language, but stick to your point of view, facts and details. I think the ladies also find that part about you very attractive.

  7. Can you review Aspen by coty 

  8. One of my first fragrances years ago. Love cool water but it's a summer fresh scent for me. 

  9. stormbringerr mourn

    would you review davidoffs  hot water? thanks.

  10. Hi.. just a comment… but when you talk you don't sound like a black at all…. honestly.

  11. +dracdoc how many times should you spry it 

  12. What cologne attracts women?

  13. I'm still deciding on buying this or throwing a little more money on Versace eau fraiche. Any thoughts?

  14. Hey +dracdoc  i know it might not be your type of fragrance but could you do a review on Davidoff's "Cool Water Game" and not "The Game" I really would love to hear your opinions on it before purchase another bottle. I actually liked it a lot in spring through Autumn. What's your take? 

  15. My mother was friends with the professor that made it. She has tons of his original bottles upstairs I would like to try them but I'd rather keep them mint.

  16. Have you tried Champion by Davidoff? I'd really like to hear your thoughts on it.

  17. Can this cologne make a woman pussy wet i mean that armani code made this chick drop down on her knees..Lol!!

  18. What do you think Hot Water from Davidoff ? Thx :)

  19. Keeping In the Pocket

    I was the first kid in my high school to wear it… I still keep it in my collection.

  20. thanks

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