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Cool Water by Davidoff Cologne/Fragrance Review (1988)

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  1. to much sintetic in sumer

  2. I bought this today and i have to say. Its not that good. Is smells like a 30 dollar bottle of Irish spring soap. 

  3. Still a classic after all this time !

  4. Cool water and eternity are classics that won't die!!! 

  5. I am curious, how much bearing does the so called 'Designer' have on the fragrance? I love Cool water, but I don't really like anything else by Davidoff. Cool water was created by Pierre Bourdon. Would it make sense for me to just buy everything from Pierre Bourdon, and just ignore the label attached to it?

    If the perfumer is the one concocting the solution, then what role does the designer have in it at all? Is the role restricted to just walking into the lab and telling them: "So can you make something lavenderish… Yeah that smells nice, lets go with that, I think I'll call it Cool water?"

  6. Hey +robes08 .  Good review.  Having used Cool Water I have to agree that it does smell similar to laundry detergent.  Nevertheless, I never regret having sprayed it on.  From what I saw, you seem like an expert.  Do you work in the fragrance industry?

  7. Got this just to see comparison to GIT. It's okay and a cheap substitute but green Irish Tweed still rocks, regardless it does smell good and worth the low price!

    Btw. Your reviews rock, just got Amourage Jubilation based on your past review. Thumbs up bro,,

  8. Try warm water it's better for showers

  9. Bunch Productions

    4:15 – a good advice. I've got without this and I was worry too.

  10. Please, tell me the name of track on intro!

  11. qwertyqwerty2983

    Why CW and GIT smell similar ? Is because they both have the same 'Father', it's like 2 Siblings ? The both look different, but they've got the same DNA,

    I own both, and I must admit GIT is more nicer, more natural, but is it 5x cost more superior to CW ? I don't think so, if you've got deep pockets, then yes buy GIT, but if you're 'normal' buy CW, I just bought a 200ml for £29.99, amazing value for money. 

  12. Ladies love iiiittt! 😉 lol

  13. cool water is a classic.

  14. How can you tell the year of the bottle? The code? I've always wanted to know if i could check if I'm buying a recently formulated bottle, like with le Male that I'm planning to buy.

  15. as far as repetition you have gone far, way too far.

  16. I've heard from several people that CW smells a lot like Green Irish Tweed. I've never smelled GIT so is that true at all?

  17. Thank you for your great work. Would love to see some review of some Robert Piguet stuff.

  18. Don't trust you're olfactory memory if you last used this in the 90's and you were in college. the sense of smell peaks at about eight years old and can begin to decline by 16–usually, 30. Also, if your health changes for the better or worse, your sense of smell will be affected also. My point: if you're unfamiliar with this scent don't let all this chatter about "reformulation" stop you from getting it. It will be completely new to you since nothing (except GIT) has a scent like it and that costs ten times more. Many people say after an hour or so you can't seperate the two.

  19. Like, 1988. Awesome!

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