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COLOURPOP Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lip | Review & 10 Lip Swatches!

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  1. You chose perfect colors for yourself! Thanks for the swatches, helped me pick some out I was debating between – Solow seems a tad more wearable than Clueless for me ^_^

  2. your skin is flawless

  3. Beeper doesn't look good on me. It looks nothing like it looks on you. :((( it's sooooo taupe and BLAH

  4. I love love love these. I loved hearing your opinion. You're so stunning! The wild, dark hair captivated me immediately

  5. Can you do a tutorial on this eye look so pretty

  6. I would've subbed just for you having the prettiest eyes on Youtube. But I also love how viewer friendly your videos are and I love how you promote that anyone can get the most out of their features with the right makeup. You're not lost if you have acne or pigmentation or dont have semi perfect basis to work on from the start. Like anyone can make the most of themselves and its not about transforming ugly to pretty as girls aren't ugly.

  7. im sorry, but the inner corner of your eyes looks a lil bit weird, it looks like a patch.
    love your videos <3 ✌

  8. Did you use anything under the liquid lipsticks like a lip balm? and how did you apply it with a brush or just using the original applicator.

  9. hair tutorial pls

  10. YAY Carly you're getting close to 100,000 subs! Been watching you for awhile now and you have come a long ways. You're my FAV. Love yoooou! <3

  11. Girl your make up is always on point ugh love it💜

  12. sanitha lancaster

    Thanks for the review and swatches and you look stunning 😘😻

  13. Looove you Carly! I have purchased some of their lipsticks and I will be buying more just because of you! You always like gorgeous, girl. Love your eye look

  14. yes yes yes yessssssss!!!

  15. rawl………

  16. Tutorial on this look!!!

  17. Your hair always looks so beautiful please do a hair tutorial and a hair care video it's super pretty 😉✌

  18. i ordered Dr. M & Limbo a few days ago and i'm really excited because i've been hearing so many good things about these lipsticks, i wanted Kapow but it was sold out :(

  19. Hair tutorial!!!!

  20. Sahony Bourdier (LovleeSazy)

    I freaking love the colourpop ultra matte liquid lippies they're amazing. Amazing swatches 😍💕☺️🙌🏽 same here I will be getting more.

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