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Collective/Birthday Haul, MAC, Coach, Anna sui etc

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  1. @strawberrybath theres another size for the pressed powder? 😮 wow i never saw that one!

    haha im gunna annoy all the flames fans here by screaming luuu everytime he makes a save 😛

  2. @AnnaAmes96 lol the only place ive seen anna sui is at the shoppers near my house too xD

  3. @FlipxPrincess hahah no sorry i love in toronto for some reason i thought u lived here because my shoppers has an anna sui too and its like the only one i'v ever seen carry that brand:p

  4. I love the packaging you got for the Anna Sui pressed powder, I got the bigger one shaped like a rose, but I find it too big ! I want the loose powder so bad! :)
    Luuuuu 😛

  5. @AnnaAmes96 really you live in alberta too?

  6. I live near you…maybe

  7. @mrdd i worked in superstore cosmetics for a while then i was transferred to joe and hated it..so now im in pharmacy.. ohhh i forgot you have to renew it every year =S i might just go to makeup school and get an actual license xD.. that is if i have time with college and work =/

  8. @FlipxPrincess where did you work? idk it doesnt matter, cause when you renew it every year you have ot send in current info each time,

  9. @mrdd daaamn. i should have gotten my pro card when i worked in cosmetics ! =/ i was under 18 at the time though =|

  10. @FlipxPrincess this is what you can use: composite card, business card with name and specific profession, editorial page with name credi, headshot and resume, professional licence, certificate, publication masthead, program/press maturerials w/name, contract on production company letterehad, letter of employment reference.

  11. @mrdd ohh cool doesnt sound so complicated.. for the proof thing would testimonials from clients you've done makeup on work for that? that would be awesome cause then id just need to get a business card lol

  12. @FlipxPrincess no, i haven't. the girls from mac gave me an application, so i never went about trying ot work a way around it.

    you a photocopy of goverment issue photo id so g1 or passport or health card
    and then two pieces of proof youre a makeup artist or work at a makeup counter

    so your certificate and business card or business card and letter from your boss stating you work at a counter.

  13. @mrdd did you watch msfililocalola's how to get a pro card video? it was really helpful.. but the official legal documents part confused me a bit though.

  14. @FlipxPrincess oh really? yeah i still have to make my business card, and im just waiting for my boss to write me a letter saying i work cosmetic retail, other then that im fucked, cause i don't have a certificate.

  15. @mrdd :O thats alot! grats on getting a pro card!! hopefully i can get one within the next year ..i need to get business cards printed and all that stuff :/

    😮 yeah some of them are really not pigmented some of them are though :) i wanna try their shadows but im guessing theyd probably be the same ..hit or miss.

  16. @FlipxPrincess omg at mac i've paid 40 before, but pro card soon! so im good.

    i just swatched whatever lipsticks were sitting on the tester counter and i was liek BLECK!.

  17. @mrdd damn..! thats alot of tax! when i went to BC it was 13% too.. ugh..at mac i paid $20 in taxes.. at the pro store.. its only 5% here…i had a new appreciation for how low taxes are here when i came back from BC lol

    ohh i dont see many murales.. i think there might be 2 in my city ..

    the thing about sephora is when i call them and when i actually go there their stories are always different if im looking for something and they dont have it.

    :O really even the rouge M?

  18. @FlipxPrincess oh wow thats really shitty. idk if taxes are different in provinces, but we just have hst which is 13% so that wouldn't even cover the taxes!

    i actually don't even know where a murale is here.
    yeah some girls are kinda stubborn at sephora here too, but im hopefully going ot be working there soon.

    yeah they do, im at a small store, so we don't carry estee lauder or dior and stuff like that.

    i was at the bay the other day and i tried the anna sui lipsticks.. i HATED them.

  19. @mrdd ah wow ..luckyy! i only get 10% discount at work =s which actually turns into 5% cause i have to pay for the gst :/

    wow here at murale they were so nice.. better service than the sephora here :/

    thats cool …cause most shoppers carry different brands right? there are some that carry nars here but its on the otherside of the city

  20. @FlipxPrincess not that i know of, i only get a 30% discount on everything in shoppers drug mart, any where in the world.
    my boss went to murale and the service was reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly shitty.
    it may have just been that location, but i've yet to go in.
    but i don't even have to visit any other locations, cause we can just do store transfer cause bring stuff we dont sell into our store so we can personally buy it.

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