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Collective Haul January 2012 – Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Drugstore and Share The LOVE

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  1. If you get a Chanel quad get that one (Kaska Beige). It would look gorgeous on your blue eyes :-))) Thanks for watching sweetie :-)))) Kisses Brigitte and Cornelia xoxo

  2. LOVE this haul of beautiful goodies <3 I especially want that warm toned Chanel eyeshadow palette now! xoMelissa

  3. Ha Ha !!! The connection between us is more than friendship and even more than a sister. WE ARE TWINS :-)))) Same looks, same birthday, same interest ha ha. It is so nice to have each other as a twin ha ha. We are very close and need each other so much. We have lived appart (Brigitte in Switzerland and Austria and Cornelia in London and Switzerland) for a long time and are now so happy to finally be together again. We both now live in Austria !!! Glad you enjoy our connection. Kisses B+C xoxo

  4. so gorgous please send to me haha.i want to know the secret to your friendship u too seem so close its very sweet.this the biggest reason i subscribe to you.thanx

  5. @1xDollyx1 Absolutely! Our dear friend Deb (debbick1) has done a great video showing this particular item. It looks amazing. Unfortunately it is not out yet where we live. We are still waiting for all the spring collections to arrive. Thanks for letting us know. Kisses Brigitte and Cornelia xoxo

  6. @debbick1 Awww, we love having you as a friend. Thanks for the tip on the empty perfume bottles, that is actually a really good idea. Hugs Brigitte and Cornelia xoxo

  7. @CocoPink44 Awwww lovely Deb! She is just awsome! Thanks a lot for subscribing and welcome. Kisses Brigitte and Cornelia xx

  8. @ukeelady Yes you are right the Dior Palette is sooo nice. Kisses Brigitte

  9. I found you by Debbick1's tweet. Love ya Already and subbed right away.

  10. I actually smiled and waved back when you said hi to me! I keep my smaller empty perfume bottles in my lingerie drawer. There is always enough scent left to keep a nice scent in the drawer. Fabulous haul, makes we want to go shopping tomorrow:) xoxo

  11. @crazedstargazer Would you put something else in this bottle? We wonder if we should clean it and put something like brush cleanser in it … hmm, could that work? xx

  12. @Duygubella Ha ha, das ist ja lustig! Deine Mama hat Geschmack :-))) Es ist ein echt schönes Parfum sehr "Lady like". Frohes neues Jahr Liebes. Grüssli xx

  13. The Dior Palette looks like Petal Shine .. which I have and lovelovelove. Excellent haul and review … thank you:) I am going to check out the EL shadows. Love Dusty:) oxo

  14. miss dior cherie ist echt ein tolles parfüm :)
    chanel nr. 5 trägt meine mama immer. und jedes mal wenn ich es woanders rieche muss ich an sie denken 😀

  15. I would loved to have kept my old Miss Dior cherie bottle but the cap got too loose, the bow ring then would not stay secure in place now I'm just waiting to finish it so I can open my brand new 100ml bottle which I'll take better care of.

  16. @Policosmetics82 Hi Poli, they actually are amazing. We love especially the purple one. The color is just perfect for our green eyes. They are soooo easy to work with. We love the new formular. Kisses Brigitte and Cornelia

  17. @1penzer Ok sweetie, thanks for the request … coming up :-)

  18. Great gifts/haul! Aw these E. Lauder metallic shadows look amazing!

  19. Aloha, Estee Lauder singles would be great, their both beautiful. Thanks

  20. @yasjencon Yes the dior palette is really nice, but soooo expensive. Oh well, these are just really great gift items, great for x-mas, valentines … Kisses Brigitte and Cornelia xoxo

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