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Coco Noir by Chanel: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. Coco Noir stinks. Coco Chanel herself would be horrified at the degrading of the Chanel brand. Chanel have sold out. CN is commercial opportunism – pure and simple. It smells like some low-end stuff you would find in the cheap aisle of the chemist. The whole thing is about style over substance – the marketing as "Noir", the black bottle – the concept – the juice is as far removed from Noir as you can get. Its boring and dumbed down; no doubt in an effort to impress the "youth" market. Chanel used to be market leaders in perfume – now they are jumping on bandwagons. Very sad.

  2. Adriana Kohkemper

    I love Coco Noir. I do agree on your appreciation that it sort of never takes flight in comparison to other very complex fragrances. However, I still like the way Coco Noir smells on me and the way it makes me feel every time I sniff it on my shirt collar or my wrists. It just evokes and keeps evoking something beautiful that I cannot define (so, maybe it is a fragrance "mush" after all!). Having read and viewed many reviews, I've come to the conclusion that the name and image of this perfume was a big mistake. Naming it "noir" was misleading. 

  3. merci beaucoup

  4. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Yes, I didn't expect "kitten".

  5. It was so disappointing when I wore it. You described this the best. It dried down to a kitten smell. I expected more from chanel.

  6. well as my grandmother used to say "you smell what you eat" so, depending on your diet, it's what your skin emanates and reacts on contact with Coco Noir 😉

  7. they even threw some allure homme sport into this, its a hot mess this one

  8. I LOVE coco noir! It's my favorite Chanel perfume. I do think its a mix of coco and coco mademoiselle. Everytime I wear this I get so many compliments. Its an amazing fragrance

  9. Bravo! A bad review, a good constructive bad review.
    It's getting so rare in the perfume blogosphere, you made my day.
    Noir is bad, not thaaat bad, but for Chanel that's bad. It joins bleu as kind of uninspired mish-mash, that is good crafted, smells restrained and well-behaved, with hints of good coumpounds, but in the end are so tedious.
    It's like being invited for a posh diner, everyone is nice and preppy, but there's absolutely no conversation. You beggin to hear the clock ticking.

  10. Katie Puckrik Smells

    I know Profumo well! Love its deep vintage feel.

  11. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Thank you kindly.

  12. Aqua di Parma …… PORFUMO. I LOV LOV LOV. The bottle remains hi on a shelf of favorites. I hope that you have the time to appreciate this one. Alone w coromandel she remains the 'queen' amount the masses………aqua de Profumo , rich and vibrant – old is new again

  13. Sheldrake having been a producer of this parfum, I love SL. Perhaps you could try Profumo by aqu de Porfumo

  14. Oops yes sheldrake having been on of my favorite amount the SL creations. The bottle is fantastic, but the juice is what insipires mr

  15. I agree with you Katie , a mush of smell with no directing, no feeling to inspire , I'm crushed. Especially with sheldrake hanging been o

  16. Katie Puckrik Smells

    It's a big, heady jasmine and sandalwood. It's pretty, but bold, so don't apply with too much gusto.

  17. Hi Katie, have you tried samsara by Guerlain? curious about this one…

  18. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Cut the strings now!! You will love it.

  19. After 6 days of no power from the hurricane, this morning relaxing with warm coffee and Katie Puckrick! question…for the last six months I've frequently been wearing Mont Blanc Presence d'une Femme, love it. recently acquired Coco Mademoiselle, I feel a resemblance. coco m is lighter, but initially they seem similar. does this make sense? Also have an older bottle of coco parfum. still sealed. Should I cut the strings and try it?!! Katie, thanks for making my day! Julie

  20. i dont agree with most of what she is saying, but its her opinion

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