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Coco Mademoiselle: The Film – CHANEL

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C h a n e l Chance Tendre Eau de Toilette Spray 1.7 OZ. C h a n e l is presenting a new flanker of their popular fragrance Chance which arrives on the market on April 2nd 2010. The romantic and pink new version, Chance Eau Tendre, is announced as a floral-fruity interpretation of Chance EDP. Face of advertising campaign is Sigrid Agren, and photographer is Jean-Paul Goude. The flacon is the same as its antecedent, but it is characterized by pink fluid this time. The fragrance will be available a

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  1. Such much pretension. I wonder how these kind of actors do not feel incredibly stupid while working.

  2. gabrieli almeida da silva

    The best

  3. Nico van der Veen

    * TOP *

  4. The chemistery between them is perfect! And both are gorgeous :P

  5. Story of horny photographer in an elegant and exclusive version. Quality of places may be different but people will always be the same.

  6. LOL

  7. Keira Knightley ♡♡♡♡♡

  8. Priskila Ratnasari

    Did they make the video in French? Coz' I saw some palaces which are similar to Versailles.

  9. saufiayatul raudhah

    what! she not shower yet? just use perfume.

  10. No one can be better than her <3

  11. andre ricardo madruga farias

    propagandas fortes, sem perder a sensualidade e o romantismo. touch

  12. ohh gosh i really love this :)

  13. perfect

  14. Maday Marquez Mendoza

    muí guapa y buen video

  15. Maday Marquez Mendoza

    muí bueno

  16. Coco Chanel increased richer after keira's announcement , Perfect.

  17. Nice bike.

  18. quien canta? tiene una voz que me encanta

  19. Supercool Advocate

    Uploaded a day after my birthday!!!!!!! Arrgghh!!!!!!!!!

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