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ck2 by Calvin Klein

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  1. is anyone here just because they find the video aesthetically pleasing??

  2. So happy there is a homosexual couple in this commercial!!!☺☺☺👬👭

  3. Trolling all the way

    This shitty advertisement always pops up on youtube.

  4. I would never buy this because i dont wear perfume( just gives me a headache) but this ad is growing on me. I love the music, and it's quite edgy.And tbh i came here for the dark haired biker as well xD i know he's gay but hey i can still admire how gorgeous he is.

  5. Forget the 2 guys: make the fucking ad skippable ya bastards

  6. I love this ad!

  7. This is such a racist commercial. Fuck you Calvin Klein.

    2 white males = gay
    2 white girls = miscegenation. 1 is kissing a black male, 1 is kissing an asian
    2 white girls = act like hoes

    No, if you don't see the underlying message, you're an idiot. It means they don't want
    "white people" breeding.

  8. Well done CK!!! ♥

  9. All the homophobic people in this comment moaning about the ad yet will still buy Calvin Klein not knowing he's gay haha. You guys are such dicks, get over it people are gay wow.

  10. Ignacy Olasiński

    damn who is the blond guy?!?

  11. They played this ad in front of Deadpool and it was amazing LOL. I mean obviously a lot of aggressively hetero people are the movie's audience, and I could feel homophobes getting a stroke from it.

  12. Песня песня пееесня

  13. Theo The Goat (TheoTheGoat)

    fuck this is my aesthetic

  14. Helena Masaryková

    the first reclam on youtube where i don't press the "Skip ad". 💁

  15. I'm just here for the bikers, of course

  16. What is the name of this song?

  17. This "commercial" presented between a Sponge Bob cartoon and The Fairly OddParents on Nickelodeon around 07:20 am. Two little child saw this 18+ trash from my family (and how many more in my country???). I dont think that was a good idea from Nickelodeon. Why need to show homosexuals for little kids???Its pervert and crime against the little ones.

  18. Gays forcing their disgusting way of life on society. If you're gay, keep that to yourself. Don't go prancing around town showing your dick to the public or else you will get some opposition.

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