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CK One Shock for Him by Calvin Klein: Fragrance Review / Perfume Review

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  1. I would not have looked twice at this fragrance from the look of it, but actually it's a nice smell. Love the reviews, short and to the point!!

  2. Cream soda, I don't get that. Synthetic, yes. I think it's a great fragrance when you want to spare your Pure Havanne. The women in my world love this synthetic crap. Don't know why, but don't care either. It spares my Pure Havanne and the ladies LOVE IT!

  3. i get choco-vanilla, plums/cooked berries, fruitchouly & tobacco. but yeah, no shock whatsoever. and CK perfumes have smelled artificial since i can remember. i'm sure the house would tell you it's part of his modernist/minimalist architectural shtick. :-)

  4. impossible not to look at the lips c:

  5. i wasn't shocked either :D


    Hi Katie….i just have a random question for you or any one else reading????
    My wife loves a perfume that her co-worker uses. She wants the same perfume….. Do u think it's rude for her to copycat her co-worker?????


    Mmmmm…..Katie…..That is all…

  8. RaciocinioPlease

    ..you´re so sexy, nice everything….and also highly professional…

  9. haha don't think i need it if i got body kouros and hanae mori hm

  10. Beatifful you are!!

  11. Amazing fragrance!! you are beatifful!!

  12. You are a bestifful!! ck shock amazing!!

  13. You are a bestifful!! ck shock amazing!!

  14. The Concise Statement

    Ms. Puckrik – spontaneously thought, "I wonder what that crazy American girl from The Word is up to after all this time," and was once again graced with your virtual presence.

    Perhaps you can help me with a review? I'm a massive Bond fan yet torn on whether '007' is worth a try. No one wants to smell like a vulgar, pseudo-masculine piece of merchandise – and embarrassing enough to just tell someone the name. Then again if it smells nice, why not? If not a full review then some thoughts, madam?

  15. You're sexy!

  16. Katie Puckrik Smells

    If Farenheit didn't have staying power for your, it's hard to know what will, because that's a bold one. Have a look at the Tom Ford line, those are really strong. If you liked Opium for women, check out Tom Ford Sahara Noir. I also like his Noir de Noir, Tobacco Vanille, and Noir. I thing the Bottega Veneta for men is a good one, too.

  17. prada infusion d'homme, dior fahrenheit and fahrenheit 21, dior homme, paco rabanne 1million, some boss's, issey miyake l'eua d'issey and some … the only one that worked on my skin is 1million, but it's tooo popular … i wanna something unique and strenge and the person that i am :p … oh yes by the way opium for woman worked so well on my skin :s …. pleaaase help me !

  18. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Hard to recommend something without knowing what you already wear. Give me some clues…

  19. AHAHA! Exactly what I said when I smelled it for the first time, it's like the poor's people version of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. SPEAKING OF SIMILAR FRAGRANCES: Have you tried the new YSL L'Homme Parfum? I SWEAR it smells like The Fame by Gaga, (or at least 'hints' it). any thoughts?

  20. Thanks Katie your a sweetheart, I'll be sure to sniff this one out.

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